Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Nessa!

Hello Friend(Freind)! (That is pronounced as that for some reason.. sa amo na lang toH!)

It is Vanessa's Bday today and so we decided to spend it over at our house.
It was fun.. and crazy (harhar).

Obviously the CAKE. ("FRIEND" was placed there 4 some reason we the ICST elites only understand)

The Chop Suey! Delicioso! Made by Jesel's BF..

Pearl, Giovan, JV, Red, Bordz, JOna, Jesel, Nessa (celebrant), Avy and Renel.

Im not there, i took the pic :) A pic before eating. Can you see their hungry smiles?

This time Im in the picture!

NOt another MODEL??!! (That's my friend RENEL... the next TAP MODEL.. peace.)

Oh pleaseee dont murder the cake por paboR!

And hail to Vanessa, JV, and Avy as they washed the dishes..

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