Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pirates of the Carribean

I waited for my cousin to fetch me and my sister. Cause we will watch Pirates of the Carribean (Dead Man's Chest). We were supposed to leave early, but my cousin was delayed. So we left by 11:30. We have to ride two different routes since there is no public utility jeepney that would go straight over to where we want to watch. We are saving the money for taxi for food (YUM! haha). We dropped at our first post.

We were about to ride another jeepney, when suddenly some weird looking guy approached us and asked us where we are going. We told him the place, but not the exact place (you still dont need to say everything to a stranger, right?). He said he wants to ride with us, cause he can't clearly see the signs of the jeepney. But still it is scary to ride with him.. what if he is some psycho? or what? So i politely told him, we will flag a jeepney that will take him to his route. And then, he told us he doesn't have the fare. So i asked my older cousin to give him the fare. And then since we told him we are going to flag one jeepney down for him to take him to where he should be, we waited for that jeepney. But, the jeepney is rare, it passes yes but it's always full. We stayed there for like 15 mins or something. And my cousin noticed, that he can quite see some of the signs and asked us to go ahead, i was kind of hesitant to leave the guy though since his situation is sad. We flagged one jeepney down, and told him we will go ahead. And then my cousin said, he might be fooling around because by that time we rode the jeepney, he walked away from the place. (Ok, so we thought we were fooled. Ive experienced the same situation before and a totally different person and gender but Id probably tell that some other time..)

We arrived at the place, and we went down.. when i noticed that something is wrong with my sandal. Uh-oh, i smell embarrasment coming after me if i can't control the situation. So i stayed at the side, and asked my cousin to come closer to me and also my sister and told them, "i think the strap of my sandal is loose.." (it's i dunno the right word.. sorry..) So, my cousin went inside the mall, while me and my sister pretended to wait for someone outside, refusing to move... and thus providing further embarassment.. (although no one noticed my situation..only me and my inside.. oh and yeah my sister too.. who is laughing..) Anyway, my cousin bought me a new pair of sandal... and she said, ok go change it. So i sweetly told her, "ate save me from enough embarassment and let's ride a taxi to SM and go buy the cd there at the same time... and oh have lunch na lng.. din.." Since we really are planning to buy some cd's at SM after watching it. Since i figured we are already late from the 1st screening. So we flagged a taxi down. I hurriedly dragged my sandal.. (nice try) and got on the taxi, and quickly changed sandals. *sigh* finally... and then i looked at my watch it's quarter to 1 already.

We decided to eat at Mcdonald's, since we rarely go there. I mean, it's been months since my last visit!!! Ok, i am exaggerating. Actually I just want to eat the fries. Im craving for their fries.. *yum*yum* i want FRIESSS!! and SUNDAE!! After eating we bought the CD's after 48 years lining up.. with oh so many people.. Then we flagged another taxi to take us back to where we should be... back to NCCC

So, once we got there.. the tickets for the 2nd screening 3:15 pm cinema 2 just SOLD OUT. But at least the 2nd screening from cinema 4 (still POC) for 3:50 is still available. So i hurriedly lined up, bought 3 tickets.. and off we go. Since it's still quarter to 3.. we decided to just roam around for a few minutes. Then by 3pm we lined up.. (we are at the front.. hihi) ANd we patiently waited and took pics. I will upload them, im waiting for darlene to upload it.

3:30 we were allowed to go inside, and settle ourselves, we got the best place at the balcony. And then.. by 3:50 the trailer started. Wow, so many new movies i wanna see.. i also took pics below haha.. i know it's not allowed.. but just a couple.. hehe.. -_-

Pirates of the Carribean
Was produced by:

WALT DISNEY and Jerry B.

ALL IN ALL.. the movie was great! It was comical and crazy. Although it was a cliffhanger, i dont mind. I wanna see another movie of pirates of the carribean. And i am glad, i watched the movie. I never regretted it. I have simple tastes in watching movies on BIG SCREEN..i only want the BEST.

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