Sunday, June 18, 2006

a bit stressed out?


I haven't blogged for awhile... but i guess it's quite time to at least update about what's keepin me busy and all that.....

June 9 my friend asked me to assist her in editing and making a video. 2 kinds of video Music video and a drama/play. Not just editing, but actually acting....for the drama part! I have no idea whatsoever about editing, because editing is so stressful!!! when we had that in summer... i was in the financial team. rofl! Anyhow, my friend the damsel in distress, really needs my help and so i said YES! Even though i really need sleep. And i ddnt know my 3 day rest from college was going to be disturbed.

June 10 Saturday! The day I was supposed to REFORMAT my PC and INSTALL my new hard drive (80gig) , and then new DVD writer(woohoo!!), and Memory (512mb) ahihi. But still, I am going to pay all that to MY MOM! ack! being the businesswoman she is, she knows i am going to use the DVD writer as a business so she asked for REFUND when i pushed through! *sigh* oh well... anyhow, my classmate arrived and then installed the DVD writer, HDD and the memory and then tried to reformat my pc. While 2 of my high school classmate (1 of them was the one who asked for help named Matet and the other named Emel) are outside taking videos, I suggested a song for them and they liked it, and now they are shooting outside.

Reformatting: I decided to just format my C and not the D. and so all of my important files are transferred to D. anyway the story is quite long so im making it short, my DRIVE D files were all formatted due to one circumstance.

ANyway.... i had a long day that day. I was tired and frustrated because most of the IMPORTANT pictures were erased, and then i couldnt sleep well thinkin about the pictures my parents wanted me to save to a CD and wasnt able to.. *uhoh* i smell twable! We wrapped up by8:30pm

June 11(sunday) -I wokeup 7am. my classmate came back, to install the softwares i wanted to have in my pc since it was so late the other night he didnt have the time to install the rest of the softwares. My 2 friends came back to brainstorm about the drama. Anyway they finished the Music Video yesterday and all i have to do is edit them and transfer them to the pc, that looks so foreign, new design and new softwares installed minus the PICTURES!! ack!. And now i searched the internet and looked for short stories, and found a story with a fairy. only 2 characters + 1 narrator and would definetly fit us coz its only 3 of us. Anyway i suggested to make that story into a play, and they agreed, i made a script... blah blah.. and we thought we needed a BOY! so we called one of our friend over to act as the Boy hehe.. anyway.. we just finished the dubbing that day.. and we finished editing the MUsic video that lasted for 3 mins! it was good, i have to admit and i wanna have my OWN MUSIC VIDEO! i will one day... when im free from stresss!! haha and all the workloads.. i have lately.. We wrapped by 10pm

June 12 (monday) Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY! I woke up quarter to 7. my classmates arrived like 9am and then we started the acting and all that. we finished by 12noon. then ate. we started editing by 1am.. i was havinga hard time mixing the 2. the dubbed and the video,.. anyway i managed to pull it off.. they went home by 11pm.. and i was left to burn and edit the last of the flaws... i waited for it to render..

June 13(tues) i slept by 1am and then woke up by 3am to burn the 2 cds which will be taken by my friend early in the am 7am. Anyway... i slept 4am again and woke up 6:30 am... by friend arrived 7:40 and then i ddnt get to sleep already i went and do my pending assignments and all that. went to college 1:00 pm and then went to the office to enroll for an anatomy class that i need for iridology certification. But then, it wasnt confirmed yet. I went home with a relative who will be staying at home, so i am entertaining. I slept by 5pm to 7pm while my relative was still using my pc. I AM TIRED *sigh* i wanna sleep more huhuhu.. but got lots of things to do. I ate.. then finally got to sleep by 12am after everything.

June14(wed) went to college 8am. finally im not late! for the first time in 3 meetings hehe. I did not get to sing or give some jokes (thats what we do when are late.) We had a quiz. then on the other subject another activity, another subject another activity... another subject just lecture and then last subject lecture also.. i had a long day.. i went home directly. And then burned some cd.. (ordered..part of business).. slept by... 12am.

June 15(thurs) the day my family would arrive from manila! They went to manila.. and left me all aloneeeee.. here.. its ok.. though. hehe. they arrived early in the morning. Whippee.. got lots of goodies from them.. ahehe.. anyway went to college by 1 and then went back home by 3pm. and then went to do homeworks and then made stuffs online.. like cd.. blah.. blah. and then slept 11pm...

June 16(fri) I found out last night that this would be the first day for our SCLEROLOGY class. So i would be absent from college today to attend this 4 day seminar. i made out excuse letters for each teacher. Oh well our class starts 9am and ends 5-6pm. anywy its a fun day.. still tired coz lack of sleep. slept around 12am

June 17(sat) 2nd day... a fun class... but tiring hehe.. coz im still lacking the sleep i so much NEED. oh well.... we had a pleroma a family gathering. it was fun,.. meeting my covenant sisters... but at the same time.. u know.. tiring.. ahihi.. went home 9pm slept 11:30

June 18(sun) Yes.. sunday we have classes and its FATHER's DAY! Happy father;s day. I made dad a home made video.. its just 4mins hehe.. but it was fine... he was happy.. tahts all that matters. We had class, and then ended by 5pm i went home right away.. i have like lots of CDs to burn... and im still working on the 3rd cd.. right now... oh well.. its 11:31 pm aww.w.. morrow its another day... *sigh* oh well i have to make this fast.. i wanna drop to my BED>. nightieee... -_-

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