Monday, May 21, 2007


Got this tag from L.A.

I always think of MUSIC as the soundtrack of my life. And this tag sure looks like fun. Although... I would've preferred to choose my own soundtrack... Hehe.. :)

1. Open your library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, Winamp etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to the next question,press the next button.
6. Don’t lie and pretend you’re cool.
7. When you’re finished, tag some other people to do it!

A. Opening credits: Sticks & Stones by Aly & AJ

*Stick & stones wont break my soul. Get out of the way I'm invincible.*

B. Waking up: Pinoy Ako by Orange & Lemons

*Omg. Why this? Everybody knows the lyrics I don't have to place it here... but I like the song alright...*

C. First Day of School: Helena - My Chemical Romance

*Ngeh. Helenaaaa?*

D. Falling in love: When I look into your eyes - Firehouse

*Nyah. perfect ba?*

E. First song: At Your Best (You are Loved) -MYMP

*Hmm.. ok...*

F. Breaking up: Friend - Kaitlyn

*I like this song.... "Dont have to be cool don't have to be smart.. don't need to to know anything all the time, it's alright if youre a little bit out of it. I don't care.. Just wanna be your friend..."

G. Prom: Hallelujah - Paramore

*It's kinda upbeat... the lyrics ok.... and it kinda fits...*

H. Life: What I've been looking for - HSM Soundtrack

*Nice ah..... *

I. Mental breakdown: Savages - Pocahontas Soundtrack

*Muwahaha "Savages Savages barely even humanssss......"*

J. Driving: Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessionals

*Ok... *

K. Flashback: Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'le

*Somewhereeee over the rainbowwww..... way up high..... *

L. Getting back together: Ultimate - Lindsay Lohan

*I like this one! "you're the kind of friend who always bends when I'm broken.. like remember when..."

M. Wedding: The Maze - Harry Potter's Soundtrack.

*kind of eerie...*

N. Birth of a child: The Remedy - Jason Miraz

*Uhmm... ok.. I like this too.. pero birth of a child? Hehe pero pwede na ung "coz you were born in the 4th of July..."*

O. Final battle: Stars - Switchfoot

*Nice song. "Maybe I've been the problem, maybe I'm the one to blame, but even when I turn it off and blame myself, the outcome feels the same..."

P. Death scene: 24 Hours Ago - Cueshe

*Ehh... ok... "I'm lying here and wide awake..." I'm not yet dead dude!

Q. Funeral song: Ugly - Sugababes

*Ngeh... "Coz people are all the same... and we only get judged by what we do.. personality reflects name and if I'm ugly then.. so are you.. so are you" Bleh!

R. End credits: Where are you - Natalie

*Saan na akoooo?


Saw Shrek 3 last night. It was fun. :) Review HERE.


Got this from Shari. I kinda enjoyed it! Go get your own Visual DNA! :)

22 Comments from Haloscan:

I'm first...hehehe.

Buti di ka na nag tag kasi wala ako kahit isa sa mga nasa library mo...hehehe.

Gravatar nice. i love shuffling. kse hndi sunod sunod. haha. rumble rumble. XD ngaks. wla lang. hehe.

Gravatar ang asteeg nung visual dna! gusto ko non! :p

Gravatar Haha, our vice and "that's gross" match! Yay!

Gravatar Natawa ako sa funeral song mo. Lolz.

Gravatar Nyahaha kamusta nmn yung waking up, diba yun yung sinasayaw nila sa umga pag gising? wow bagay na bagay haha

Gravatar What is a "new wave puritan"?
Good job with the tag!

Gravatar I love shuffling songs too, but I find it weird coz, say for example I'm on the "emote mode" due to Heartache songs and then suddenly it would shift to a House/Club Mix kinda song. Hehehe! so much for the Emote Mode.

Gravatar I've added you to my blogroll too! Hope you do the same! Thankies! Keep your entries comin'

Gravatar Ang ganda ng playlist mo ah! meron akong ibang faves dyan sa mga artist.

Gravatar Gross talaga yung ganun sa visual dna mo! hahaha! :D Anyway, buti ka pa napanood mo na yung shrek 3! Haha! :D

Gravatar wow! hehe ang ganda nung tag pro kelangan honest tlaga yung sasagot hehe alam ko yung where are you!! hehehe wala lan ^_^ hehe pro meron ding mga songs na tumugma dun sa question hehehe.... dami na nanuod ng shrek huhu samantalang aku spiderman d ko parin npapanuod may shrek na d ko parin npapanuod huhuhuh

Gravatar before I clicked this comment tab, nakita ko yung dna visual ng isang lalaking maskulado lol oh my, so gross talaga! oily pa katawan niya!

on music: different genre pinapakinghan mo ha, I usually listen to same kind of song, hindi ko pa to na try

shrek, hindi ko binasa ang review mo tina, hindi ko pa napanood, i hope the movie is a blast. Sobrang funny ang 2!

Gravatar ang saya naman nung tag na yun.. hehehe.. somewhere over the rainbow lang ata at pinoy ako at helena ang alam ko dyan.. hehehe..

Gravatar hi tina!

saw shrek last weekend! wow. super cool. really enjoyed it.

thanks for visiting my blog for the past week while i was away. really appreciate it.

Gravatar The tag looks fun. And nice playlist. I'd watched shrek3 to.. Yeah, it was funny!

Gravatar nice one, it's like getting something from a box and you don't know what inside. and LOL at Funeral song!!!

Gravatar wow! the best ang visual DNA.. I really really love it.. salamat tin.. heheh.. kaya pinost ko na rin sa blog ko.. asteeeg...

di ako makarelate sa music.. ang gusto ko makinig lang.. kahit anong kanta.. kaya di ko alam anong title ng mga pinakikinggan ko.. hehhehe

about shrek!!1 hahha.. hanap na lang ako pirated cd nun.. walang movie house/ sinehan dito eh.. hehh.. mahal na rin pamasahe papunta davao..

oops! i love PINOY AKO.. Nyahahahah!

salamat ulit sa paggreet at walang sawang pagcomment sa blog ko..


God bless

Gravatar Hi!
Gr8 blog today, huh?

I love Shrek 3 & Spidey 3! My reviews are just around the corner...

Gravatar Tina,you are merciful, you didn't tag anyone.

That photo of the guy...grooooossss. He he he

Gravatar love that visualdna thing...grosssss yung mga muscles heheh.

Gravatar ganda ng visualDNA mo heheh...

thanks at wala ako sa tag mo heheh...