Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dirty Politics.

Since when was it clean? Some may have nice motives but a lot would have hidden agendas. I've heard too many things about their so called anomalies, and some may seem exaggerated or it may not be true but still.... all those FAR-FETCHED ideas could be possible.

Our lawyer *tsar* told us we have the right to vote and not to vote. My parents decided not to.. since they can't find anyone suitable for the position... or even if they voted for someone whom they think is fit to be in the seat the possibility of our votes to be manipulated is high. What with some people inside the COMELEC with a neon-light sign on their forehead that says MONEY MONEY MONEY?

But, of course since it would be my first time, I coerced my parents into voting with me and they were a sport. We visited three different schools because the LIST of VOTERS were shuffled. They were transferred here and there. It would then give you an idea if this was a good way to lose and let some of the voters give up after transferring them to different schools to look for their names. But then, I sticked to my "ALL THINGS ARE PURE" thought and my parents finally found our names at the third school. And, surprisingly all the people in our village were to vote in one precinct only. Cool.

Despite, what Shari advised me to fill up the 12 slots....I did not. I only voted for 5 senators. The rest of the slots, I crashed them out. I only voted for people with less "talk" and more "work". Although, whether they really worked for it.. I don't know. As long as they did not say anything AGAINST their OPPOSITION. I did not vote for all those bad-mouthing politicians because they resemble someone I abhor (but learning to love despite of) in our business (that explains our lawyer nyahaha).

Politicians were just invented to talk about LAWS that are not evident to us. They TALK too much.

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. ~Ernest Benn
Let's compare them to scientists. If a scientist conducts an experiment, and it succeeds, they simply show what they've done. They don't need to talk because the results speak for themselves. So scientists are usually quiet types. They don't need to TALK, it is not NECESSARY. If they tried to conduct an experiment and they fail, they have nothing to say.

But, with politicians? Even if they fail, THEY TALK. In fact, the MORE THEY FAIL..... THE MORE THEY TALK... and THE MORE THEY BAD-MOUTH OTHERS to COVER THEIR WRONGDOINGS. I hope they do more SERVING than TALKING and DEBATING. Sheesh.

I would often complain about how things are in the Philippines specially politics and my mom would butt in and say: "Don't mind them. Mind your own business. Help more people and make more money. That's our job."

Sometimes, I would want to be in a politician's position and imagine doing noble things to serve the rest of the Pinoys. That's in my heart. My mom told me: "There are other ways to serve the Filipino people anak. Not just politics." Which gave me an idea. As to where and how.. I have to find out. Maybe later.

I'm not sure when would politics begin to resemble the word CLEAN. Because, whenever you say politics it usually screams DIRTY. Politics is a mess. In order to clean the mess you roll your sleeves and get your hands dirty while doing the job.

Deception, is part of government. We do not have to wonder why this and that. Governments lie to get the people's loyalty. If they lie big enough, and long enough the lie becomes the "truth". Truth and politics cannot MIX. Never.

Truth is not determined by majority vote.

We don't have to wonder why NATIONS go to WAR. Those major leaders with massive political involvement all want to prove their MANHOOD by beating up THEIR OPPONENTS. Strength is what all those politicians know and understand.

I might as well be frank now. I don't think politics is the future. Or it could help more people. It blurs the mind of people and lures politicians to be more greedy, it blinds you from the truth and it gives you more and more reasons to ruin your opposition to get your own ways.

I can't wait for the vote-counting to end.

{edit: This post is in effect of watching too much NEWS. Hehe. Every thing's hyped up by the media. Remind me... not too watch too much NEWS. Soo many bad news. }

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Jake the Miserable said...

Minamahal na kaibigan,

Maganda ang iyong mga saloobin sa karima-rimarim na hitsura ng sistemang pulitikal dito sa ating bansa. Natuwa rin ako sa paghahambing mo ng isang pulitiko sa isang siyentipiko.

Ayon sa paborito kong manunulat, ang mga pulitiko ay nagta-Tagalog lamang tuwing eleksyon upang maunawaan ng marami. Pero salitang English naman sila sa mga sessions na kakaunti lang sa ating mga kababayan ang nakakaunawa. Sa pangangampanya, ang kanilang mga proyekto - pinaplano pa lang, ginagawa pa lang, o nakalimutan na - ay nakasulat agad sa flyers na ipinamimigay nila. Rak on!

At dahil nagpapasalamat ako sa'yong pagdaan sa aking nilalangaw na blog, idinagdag ko na ang link mo sa blog ko. Sana'y makahanap din ako ng munting espasyo sa'yo. Isang mapagpalang araw.
Jake The Miserable | Homepage | 05.15.07 - 11:29 pm |

Pogi said...

Exactly, when if ever was it clean? Our government has unfortunately a long history of corrupted people.

But I still love the Philippines for what it is today.


And you're interest in fashion? Cool, I love fashion, I love to wear it. ^_^

Hi btw!

"Pimped by the Queer Chef."
Pogi | Homepage | 05.15.07 - 11:47 pm |

cat said...

Having a dirty-free election is a wishful thinking. But hey, maybe voters are finally waking up, the results in the tabulation shows that candidates from the entertainment sector and basically scum of the society are being bash
cat | Homepage | 05.15.07 - 11:50 pm |

Shari said...

You can't solve the problem by either voting or not voting. But in voting, you have the power to CHOOSE who you think would be better. Like we (well, we...basta, we) always say, those who choose not to vote should till 2010 hold their piece.

Nobody said politics is the answer to our problems. That's why as much as possible, we must choose the lesser of the evils so we can have less dirt in the government. There's the "at least" part of it all --- dirty man, at least LESS dirty. They're all in it for the money and power.

In the Philippines where democrazy...ooops, I mean democracy is the heart of the country, we deserve the government we have. We deserve the government we get.
Shari | Homepage | 05.15.07 - 11:53 pm |

Shari said...

Arrrgh, that shoud've been PEACE. I'm an idiot, haha.
Shari | Homepage | 05.15.07 - 11:55 pm |

Anonymous said...

We vote, because we are still hoping for changes. We put our trust to a certain candidate to resolve the corruption in this country and oppose the wrong doings of some government officials. I hope the candidates we trust won't let us down.
tin | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 12:25 am | #

My sis told me yesterday that our brgy captain was arrested during the election because of vote buying. (Para sa isang governor ). Kakalungkot no?
ann | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 12:45 am

tina said...

Shari: Oo nga naman.. if you don't vote you have no right to complain about what's happening in politics. Nyahaha.

Tin: I hope I hope...

Ate Ann: Sad.. ate. Lalo na ung nasunog na school with people inside it,.
tina | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 1:22 am

Patty said...

i hate politics. it's such a dirty field. even if you have good intentions, you'd still be bombarded with work, work, problems, work, life threats, work, and lotsa work. lols. the good thing about it is just that you get to earn lots of money; but then again that's what made it such a bad thing right o_o

haaay nako. politics talaga. i'll never understand it. :]]
Patty | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 2:37 am |

Kenneth Porio said...

A saying goes:
"A politician is an a** upon which 'everyone' has sat except a MAN."

No TRUE MAN had been brave enough to sit and feel the FILTHY, GERM-LADEN, VIRUS-INFESTED A** of Politicians.

This 'everyone' is like the 'MEN' who had conquered this world, but didn't do their duties. What a waste politicians are; they are 'stinking' a**es!

But don't fret. I've got something to inspire:

In Chinese tradition, there are 5 Human Relationships. One of them is the Leader and the Followers. If the Leader is GOOD and INCORRUPTIBLE (like most Pinoy politicians aren't), the Followers will be LOYAL to him. Pinoys of this era never did follow the leader's commands, for they're sick of the 'faeces' that this leader's a** is defecating to; lots of bad odour.

So, how GOOD & INCORRUPTIBLE will the politicians of today will be? Are they a**es WIPED OUT by the TOILET PAPER of GOOD MORALS?

Think of it.
Kenneth | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 2:57 am |

Anonymous said...

haiizzz ate ur right.. politics in our country has never been cleaned ever since, maganda naman sna bansa natin eh kung di lang dahil sa maruming pulitika and sa mga di marurunong na mga leaders na namumuno sa bansa natin kaya nagiging bad image ang bansa natin, i agree din dun sa sinabi mu ate na "i don't think politics is the future" NUNCA!! ... sayang d nko pwede bumoto huhu pro i'm praying na sana ang mnalo eh yung may mgagawang matino sa bansa natin
len | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 3:18 am | #

well, then what could we do? wala naman tayong magawa kundi bumoto nalang.

pero good thing hindi ko na kaylangan bumoto.. magulo talaga eh.. at madumi.
katia | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 3:42 am |

Kath said...

yep..tama Tina. pero nkumpleto ko 12 senators..hhmm..wla lng. feel ko lng cgurong mgsulat ng names dun. heheh. joke. yeah.first time natin noh..at bka yun narin last vote ko.

I don't usually watch news na nga eh. I stopped. nkakasawa..nilalamok ako pg nanonood ng news dito sa pinas. ang gulo nila. same lng ang mga problems na pinag uusapan. eh cla nmn gumagawa nung mga problema. ewan ko bah.
Katharine | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 4:02 am |

tina said...

ako nga din 7 lang binoto ko na senators.. kasi ayoko namang iboto yung sa tingin ko ay hindi naman dapat iboto kasi mamaya pag nanalo sila at nangurakot kasalanan ko pa.. pasaway naman kasi ang hirap ng humanap ng matinong tao ngyon.. parang lahat kasi may hidden agenda..
joanna | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 9:27 pm | #

Congratulations for voting for people you think are worth it!
Sidney | Homepage | 05.16.07 - 11:15 pm | #

Haaayy.. Tama yan.. I-vote mo lang yung sa palagay mo karapat-dapat.. Kung boboto ako, 4 lang yung nasa list ko! haha! :D
Anyway, lumipat na ako kay sis Janelle! Eto na pow bago kong link! :D Paki-palitan na lang pow! Salamat! :D
Krisha | Homepage | 05.17.07 - 2:44 am |

Anonymous said...

Wait! I'm sleep walking right now...not really, but I am very sleepy...my eyes are about to close. I shall return tomorrow and read your polical views once more. Sleepy...sleeeepyyyy....zz zzzzzz....ngork...ngork.

Good night.
Mari | Homepage | 05.17.07 - 3:45 am | #

yeah... when was it ever clean? ang hirap palang bumoto lalo na kung parang walang deserving candidates...
sherma | Homepage | 05.17.07 - 5:14 am |

Gerome said...

Whoa, nakakainggit naman. Buti ka pa at voting age na.

My opinion with the kind of politics in the Philippines is still firm--change the system, not only the people governing the system. (By saying this does not mean that I'm pro-ChaCha.) Why the system? I just want to share what I have learned from my PolSci 11 class. Though it's the people who created the kind of system that we have now, the system influences how the citizens under that system behave. In short, the people influence the system and vice-versa. Everything happening inside the system is influenced by its people and has a bearing on its people as well, and every activity an individual does is being driven by the system and has a bearing on the system, too. That's why this political crisis that we have now in the Philippines, as well as with the other Third World countries, is cyclical; meaning, changes won't be really achieved at its maximum unless both factors were changed.

As I see it, we don't solely need this election to make the political arena cleaner than ever. Sometimes, even though how good a politician's intentions are, s/he can still be eaten by the system. One cannot resist the system's influence, especially nowadays because many people do not stick firmly with their principles. However, what the elections wants to tell us is that there's still democracy here (yeah, I think so) somehow, and the people get to participate at the very least.
gerome | Homepage | 05.19.07 - 2:49 am | #

Wait, mali 'yung grammar ko. Dapat "want" lang, hindi "wants" dun sa last sentence.
gerome | Homepage | 05.19.07 - 2:51 am | #