Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Last Days of Summer

Mom promised us to watch Pirates of the Carribean 3: At World's End and so we did last Saturday (May 26). Review @ Espresso Break.

May 27 - A summer won't be complete if one does not head to the beach even just once. And so, we asked our parents to at least treat us for a beach outing. We went to a very known resort in Samal Island which is Paradise Island. It was crowded and I figured it was because of the cars parked in Davao plus it is a Sunday. Their boat ride improved. They already have an announcement in English probably designed for tourists. ( Starvation Heights(the book), Buko Juice and Kiamoy!)

One thing I like there was their food and of course the cottages they have for you to sleep on and read a good book. Davao sure seems like a small place, I met high school classmates and a couple of familiar faces. We weren't able to get a cottage to stay overnight because it was fully-booked which was O.K. and it kinda forced me to go take a dip (because I don't usually swim like I do when I was a kid. I only go to beaches to read and eat. Muwahaha. adik talaga). It was nice that I decided to swim (never mind the tan!) because I got to feed big fishes! Wooohoo. They have this place where you can feed and swim at the same time..

Oh and by the way, I would like to greet Chaya dear a Happy Birthday. She is in Kenya now and we rarely get our hi's and hello's nowadays. Happy Birthday!!! Missss youuu!

from L-R: Ate Kai, Me, Abigail, Yehyeh and Darlene

The next day(Monday, May 28), Yehyeh invited us over at her place for her slumber party. She invited us ever since the start of summer, either it gets canceled or something comes up making one unable to come. We watched 3 movies, The Illusionist, and to my horror Saw II and Arahan. It took us a long time to start our movie-watching because we were so busy slicing up the cake and laughing over a couple of things.

Yesterday(May 29), we left Yehyeh's place and headed home by 3pm.

I was asked to attend a seminar called "Survival Rate for Stage 4 and Terminal Cancer Patients Using U.S. FDA Approved Alternative Therapies" hosted by PCAM (Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine and IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Association) which I am part of.

Our lecturer Professor Xu Kecheng M.D. came from China and leads a hospital named Fudo Cancer Hospital at Guangzhou. Mostly, people who go there from different parts of the world are people who were rejected by other doctors. Amazingly, Professor Xu's Fuda hospital obtains a 70% long-time survival rate for Stage 4 and terminal cancer patients. In fact, one of his patients is a prominent Filipino with a liver cancer and he is not telling his name which is O.K.

The hospital gives you a choice whether you would want to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy or not. Most doctors would suggest you to undergo chemo for there are no other choice they say and basically I don't think chemo is healthy and I would not recommend other people to do it. The survival rate of Chemo is low and people who went under it usually survives for 4 months *(depends on the stage and the will to live)*.

I like Fudo's concept which is: "Appreciate Life and Never Give Up". They never give up on their patients and they always try hard to give them treatment. Their method is a mix of High Technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine which is pretty good. They believe in integration.

So, what are their treatments? Their main treatment is Cryosurgery. Yes, it is surgery still but it is a NON-invasive treatment. They simply freeze the tumor and take it out. They have other treatments as well like Photodynamic Therapy and Immuno Therapy.

Fuda is well staffed with 40 MD's and 60 nurses. Of the doctors, 37 are trained in Western medicine and 3 in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fuda has 80 PRIVATE rooms with 2 beds each, one for the patient and the other for a companion (the bed for the companion, they say is much more comfortable than the patient). It has 100 wards with 150 beds. Fuda is in Guangzhou, very near Manila which only takes 2 hours to reach there.

Basically, Fuda only treats patients with tumor. They don't treat leukemia, since it is entirely different and they can't use cryosurgery for it. For leukemia patients, I suggest you go to a CERTIFIED alternative doctor with a western medicine background and make sure you research them o.k.?

I like the comment of Professor Xu and his translator Miss Lao (yes, he needs a translator which kinda makes the lecture a bit boring...) of Davao. "I think Davao is a nice place and when we were walking I feel safe, the police do their jobs." Was it a sign he is coming back to Davao ? Hehe.

NOTE: Attend Professor Xu's seminar for more information, if one is available over there.

For Cebu City: June 2, 5:30 to 9:30pm. Registration: 100Php. Free for PCAM members. at Cebu Country Club, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City.

For health BUFFS out there, I can inform you of upcoming seminars if you want just give me a message and your contact number. (Specially people from Davao, I get updated once in awhile here.) :)

Enjoy the last days of Summerrr!!


Cat said...

nawala ang comment ko..

like what I've mentioned. Cancer is really a scary disease. Nag uundergo na lang ang iba sa chemo kasi last resort na lang nila and to think it isn't 100 % effective..there are others naman na thinking positive when you're having the disease, mawawala din daw but for me if you have cancer(o kahit wla pa) praying is a big help :D

the seminar is really interesting, sana punta din sila sa isla namin :D
cat | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 1:35 am | #

Pam said...

hindi ko ma-imagine kung isa sa members ng family ko magkaroon ng cancer. nakakatakot talaga.

on the other side of things, buti ka pa may outing na ganon. hehehe. ako wala because of summer classes. hehe. well saka na lang daw ako i-tri-treat..pag graduation. haha. take care!
pam | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 2:00 am |

tin said...

So far, wala pa sa family ko and sa mga relatives na may cancer. And I consider ourselves lucky.

Wow, it looks like you had fun!
tin | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 3:25 am | #

Lhyz said...

ang sosyal naman summer na summer ahihih.. waahh sana makapnod na din ako ng pirates... everybodys talking about that!
lhyz | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 4:02 am |

ghee said...

i havent seen pirates of the carribean yet..
nice,may pahabol pa kayo this summer.nakakatuwa ka nmn,nasa beach ka na,supposedly outdoor fun pero reading pa rin ang priority mo,lol!

nice seminar!im glad na meron isang Professor Xu para sa mga cancer victims.
ghee | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 5:13 am |

Kenneth Porio said...

hope to finish summer great!

KEnneth | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 5:55 am |

Patty said...

i'm very much pro-chemotherapy. it's just like this.

chemo: kills good cells + cancer cells
no chemo: kills good cells + cancer cells multiply.

chemotherapy is really the better choice. :

Patty | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 10:08 am

tina said...

Chemo kills both good cells and bad cells...
tina | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 11:14 am |

Anonymous said...

i too wouldn't know what to do if anyone of us had cancer. that's something really awkward for the family.
paolomendoza | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 8:26 pm | #

Ate Tina, that was rather informative! Lucky you already watched POTC3. Ugh, my mom won't treat me to the sine. Hay. Nice summer, you had!
Theia | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 10:20 pm | #

ate book worm ka tlga nakakainggit kasi ako, hindi ko pa tlga natatapos nako.. parang 3 buwan na wahahaha!!!

sarap ng buko juice miss ko na tlga mga pag kain sa pinas hehehe. ingat ka lagi ate. mwah
nicole | Homepage | 05.31.07 - 1:00 am | #

hi tina!

wow, outing, pirates, good read, seminar..ang galing ng month-ender mo!

i like the concept, "Appreciate Life and Never Give Up".. that's so true. thanks for sharing!
dessy | Homepage | 05.31.07 - 3:05 am |

mel said...

Cancer ang isa sa mga disease na kinatatakutan ko. I always pray na wala sa mga mahal ko sa buhay ang magkaroon nito. Glad you attended that seminar, marami kang natutunan.

I've watched the Pirates3 at medyo na-disappoint ako (pero maganda sya) well siguro nag expect ako masyado.

Ang sarap naman ng getaway - a book + buko juice. Try ko yan next time. My friend will lend me her book daw. I forgot the title pero japanese ang author. I'll tell you as soon as I got the book. Ciao!
MeL | Homepage | 05.31.07 - 6:28 am | #

mousey said...

parating palang summer dito pero sinalubong na ng mga malalakas na ulan.

kelan pala back to school niyo?
mousey | Homepage | 05.31.07 - 7:16 am |

Mari said...

I had a cousin who died of cancer. Her cancer started as a tumor in her breast and when it was surgically removed it had grown to a size as big as a fist, and by that time it had spread to other parts of her body. Had this doctor been around then, it could have perhaps saved her life.

Thanks for sharing this information, Tina.
Mari | Homepage | 05.31.07 - 1:54 pm | #

Jake the Miserable said...

Kwento nga sa'kin ng isang classmate ko rito na tubong-Mindanao na cool place talaga ang Davao at pinagpala ito sa likas na kagandahan.

Pa-advance na nga ng pa-advance ang mga paraan para patagalin ang buhay ng isang tao at lutasin ang mga sakit.

Sa mother's side ko, may long history na sila ng breast cancer. Sa katunayan, ang mama ko, pati ang dalawang tita ko na kapatid niya, were all diagnosed with breast tumor.

Nga pala, paki-update na po ang bago kong web address.
Jake The Miserable | Homepage | 05.31.07 - 2:46 pm |

Anonymous said...

Yup! Tama enjoy talaga dapat yung last days ng summer! :D About dun sa slumber party, wow! Ang saya naman! :D Nakakamiss tuloy yung barkada ko...
Krisha | Homepage | 05.31.07 - 9:30 pm | #

we also had our last hurrah for summer 2007, we went to anawangin in zambales, pitch our tent and then the rain came. hehe.

we'll do pirates of the carribean tomorrow, after shrek 3 hehe
Zherwin | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 4:25 am | #

babay summer! welcome baha! hahaha! :D grabe. ansipag mo tlgang gumawa ng etry! idol tlga kita!
tresebry | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 5:50 am | #

bat kami kahit kapuput na beach trip wala.. .. kahit nga sand ng beach di ako nakakita buong summer eh.. good thing nag swimming kami sa pool.. hehee..
eli | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 6:19 am | #

A book, buko juice and Kiamoy! Good combination! Looks like a fun outing !

If you watched the Saw II you should be able to look at my pictures!

I hope I never need Prof. Xu Kecheng but I will keep this in mind !
Sidney | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 7:56 am |

Ychel said...

nice post. galing naman ng ginagawa nila for cancer patients. and "appreciate life and never give up" was really good concept.

seems like u enjoyed ur summer and still enjoying it. thats good!

yay! im back..tnx for always dropping by. mwahugs..namiss ko ang blog mo..syempre lalo na ikaw :P hehe
take care and have a grest weekend!
ychel | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 2:31 pm | #

Gravatar i cant leave a tag sira yung tagboard mo. tska yung page mo sira dito sa pc ko bakit ganon?!
ychel | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 2:45 pm | #

Anonymous said...

That is nice. Well summer for me begins now. It is actually around June to August or September when fall begins
chase | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 8:06 pm | #

Onga start na daw officiallly ng tag ulan. Huy nice pic. Fav ko rin ang kiamoy pati ibang plums. Kaya iniiwasan ko dumaan sa aji ichiban dahil napapabili ako
Ferdz | Homepage | 06.01.07 - 8:28 pm |

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