Tuesday, May 08, 2007

7 Habits

I was tagged by Kuya Eli. {Everybody's tagging meee haaa... }

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules.

  1. I drink my coffee every morning along with my food supplements (10 capsules and 10 tablets). I love to wait around for my coffee to grow a bit cold and then sip it little by little while reading a book.
  2. I have so many notebooks. I collect them along with pencils, ballpens and a whole lot more.
  3. One reason I took home study when I was in 4th year H.S. was because I have the luxury to be with my parents on business trips here in Mindanao.
  4. During those business trips... I have a notebook in hand and then staying awake all the time writing down places where we passed and stayed. {I wonder where that notebook is}
  5. When I was younger my mom would make me sell anything *peanuts, candies, stationaries, ice candy* in our school, which embarrasses me to bits since most of my classmate are rich Chinese kids. But now, it doesn't. In fact, I'm proud when I have something to sell *usually little things, from silver jewelries to fake uso items.*, endorsing it to people I know. Buying little this and that for fun and sell it. Nyahaha. :) And now, whenever I buy something from a thrift store I let my sister sell it to her friends. Hehe....
  6. My first time to speak in front of many people was at a church service *the biggest congregation back in the 90's till 2001 here in Davao* testifying about my experience of "outreach" when I was 10 or 11. The second time was at a business center.... talking about their products 11 or 12. The third time when I was 16 at another business center *same one I am on until now* But, I was petitioned not to speak by some big shots kuno *who later left our service center* because I'm far too young even if I have every right to speak because I USE THE PRODUCTS. Rawr. Mean people. Now, I am of age... what would they do? Petition me for lack of experience? { In fact, I'm still making my module.. yes one of these days I will speak again.... *in fact my mom nags me all the time to hurry up and speak* but I'm shy... *blushes* hehe}
  7. I mingle too much with people older than I am ever since I was 11. Listening to their conversations and sometimes butting in. Nyahaha.
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{ Edit: So excited to publish it and forgetting to tag again... Since, I think almost everyone have their own pending tags to do... I shan't tag anyone. Do this... If you feel you want too. }


tina said...

Cat: Hala.. haha makalimutin na talaga ako.. ahihihi. I'll tag.. but not 7 this time.. hehe.

Chase: Ahihi my parents take much more compared to mine 40+ all in all. But no worries.. no overdose naman...
tina | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 1:29 am |

Anonymous said...

you forgot to tag again Tina hahahaha

you're really an interesting person Tina
cat | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 10:52 pm | #

My god you are quite an entrepreneur. I never heard of someone who takes alot of food supplements yet until you.
chase | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 1:07 am | #

Sidney said...

40+ pills and tablets... ?
Not sure if this is good...

Interesting and (some) unexpected answers to this meme.
Sidney | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 1:32 am |

tin said...

about your food supplements. 10 capsules and 10 tablets. Why dont you just eat? Hehehe....
tin | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 2:49 am | #

tina said...

Sidney: It's ok.. mostly Vitamin C...

Tin: Uhmm.. everything's processed nowadays... even if you eat.. kulang parin nutrients.. eh.
tina | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 3:18 am | #

Ghee said...

nice to know random things about u.

take care sis!
glenna | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 5:49 am |

Ghee said...

interesting!businesswoman ka pala,Tina!i won`t be surprise if one day,you have your own tiangge na rin

pwedeng maki share?haha!
ghee | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 10:26 am |

Sasha said...

Such a smart kid! Goodness, wala kang stage fright! Mabuti ka pa!

Businesswoman ka pala. Alam mo, natutuwa ako kasi nakukuha ko na personality mo, Tina. I just know you're a good person inside out. Don't change ha?

Happy Wednesday! Keep on doing business. And don't let those mean people put you down. Hah! Inggit lang sila sa abilities mo! Heheheh
sasha | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 10:10 pm

Sasha said...

Ay, ang dami mong iniinom na supplements! Yan ba ang reason why ang sipag mo, Tina?
sasha | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 10:11 pm |

raine said...

it's the season of memes hehehe
10 capsules and supplements? whoa!
raine | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 10:15 pm |

tina said...

Ate Sasha: Meron..actually takot ako. Pero once im in front.. It would vanish. Kailangan lang ata practice.. ahihhi. Ahh being a businesswoman.. I owe it to my mom.. she taught.. me. :P You are also a sweet bubbly ateeee... :P and of course good inside out as well... i think this is what you say "it takes one to know one,...." ahihihi. *HUGS*
tina | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 10:49 pm |

Tresebry said...

grabe! andami mong supplements! haha! ako isa lang, megamass! :D pampababoy! haha! miss ko ng magblog! :D
tresebry | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 12:44 am |

Kenneth Porio said...

Gosh, Ate Tina! I need to be tagged by the bloggers who read my blog regularly. Parang you are the only one na lang who tags my blog all the time...
Kenneth | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 1:15 am

richard said...

huh? 10 capsules and 10 tablets? ano yun? pwede bang malaman? hehhehe.. i'm curious. nyahahha!
richard | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 4:56 am |

Richard said...

may mx3 ba? hehhehe
richard | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 4:56 am |

Richard said...

huh? 10 capsules and 10 tablets? ano yun? pwede bang malaman? hehhehe.. i'm curious. nyahahha!
richard | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 4:56 am |

ju said...

sa susunod na mag speech ka in front of the filipino people na! heheh... vote tina for president!!!
ju | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 8:05 am |

joe said...

i wanna travel alot. kainggit, you had your share of trips with your parents. hehe.
joe | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 4:28 pm

ann said...

Daily ba yung 10 capsules and 10 tablets mo?

Businesswoman ka pala at early age, ok yan. Keep it up.
ann | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 7:42 pm |

Ferdz said...

10 capsules and 10 Tablets! :0 What are those for?!

Ako rin dami ng notebooks hehe. ANd iba rin talaga when you took to older people. PArang mas madami kang matutunan sa kanila.
Ferdz | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 11:25 pm |

eli said...

Gravatar Nice! I see a soon-to-be entreprenuer... ayus na ayus yan.. (parang mga parents mo ba?) thanks for sharing!
eli | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 11:55 pm | #

mari said...

Ha ha ha...that was really funny, when you said, "I shan't tag anyone. Do this if you feel you want to." Smart, smart.

You collect notebooks, I collect pens and drawing pads. LOL...I have this thing about pens and pencils, and I don't even use most of them and later on they dry out. Grrrr.

Take care, girl.
Mari | Homepage | 05.10.07 - 2:47 am |

len said...

hehe d naman nkakahiya magbenta ukei lan yun ate hihihi aku naman dati gus2 ko rin magbenta kaso wala ako maibenta hehe wow mahilig ka pla mag sulat ng notes ate.. bkt andami mung iniinom na fud supplements?? 10?! andami! papa ko din eh pro andami nung syo nyay
len | Homepage | 05.10.07 - 3:58 am |

joanna said...

hello ate tina.. may something me for you.. HERE
joanna | Homepage | 05.10.07 - 8:34 am |

jhed said...

No wonder you speak so wise and intelligent. Hehe! Wisdom comes with age ika nga, and you probably gained that by mingling with older people.
Jhed | Homepage | 05.10.07 - 2:50 pm |

Shari said...

Ako ay gulat na gulat. 10 tablets AND 10 capsules?! Waaah!
Shari | Homepage | 05.10.07 - 9:52 pm |

katia said...

hello tina, ang dami mo namang food supplements..

yeah and i agree with the other commentors.. ang talino mo.. i admire you for being able to speak in front of a lot of people. galing!
katia | Homepage | 05.10.07 - 10:16 pm | #

krisha said...

Wow! Businesswoman-to-be ka ata ah! :D Ang dami mong lakad! :D
Krisha | Homepage | 05.10.07 - 11:41 pm

pam said...

grabe naman. ganon ka talaga mag-intake ng supplements? hehehe. anyhow. ako naman, my first speech in public ata was my valedictory address in elementary. kakakaba rin. lol. take care!
pam | Homepage | 05.11.07 - 4:23 am | #

Anonymous said...

nice coffee everyday ate? ok lang bsta not too much hehehe... ako din mahilig sa coffee eh healthy daw ung kung once a day lang.. hahaha. ingat ka lagi ate tins.. mwah
nicole | Homepage | 05.11.07 - 10:42 pm | #

Gravatar wow! so nice to know interesting things about you, tina. i'd agree with #7. that would explain why you have wisdom..in your blog and in your comments, you write intelligently..Cheers!
fingertalks | Homepage | 05.11.07 - 11:15 pm |