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Gratitude Quotes I like:

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. ~G.K. Chesterton

Gratitude is the memory of the heart. ~Jean Baptiste Massieu, translated from French

What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it - would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have. - Ralph Marston

"Count your blessings name them one by one... count your blessing see what God has done. Count your blessings.. name them one by one.. Count your blessings see what God has done."

I think the best prayer in this world are those that are full of thanks. I make it a point at night to give thanks to everyone around me... for little things that makes me smile... for everything before I go to sleep.

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Remembering the song... I guess it is time to count my blessings... ehmm...

  • ME - I thank God for me. For giving me a(nother) chance to be in another/this part of the world... letting me experience things I want to experience... letting me enjoy everything that comes along my way. For... being a part of this wonderful era. The golden age of wisdom, peace(within so far...) and prosperity.... Yes, this is the day! Woohoo *oops*
  • Family - for being with my family all throughout this journey discovering and remembering together hand in hand... who we really are..
  • Spiritual Family - for keeping us in balance. For the enlightening company.. for the warmth... the happiness.... the realizations... the gatherings... the CULTURE and for preparing "US" the NEXT GENERATION.
  • Friends - my friends... be it from childhood up until now. For understanding me as ME. for sharing yourselves to me as well... For being like little specimens I'm trying to discover each and every day.. Joke.
  • Enemies - Oops not those homicidal enemies... Just those uhmm little grudges unsettled.. Haha. Actually only one from high school. And uhmm the tatlong pogi who are always looking for trouble along with their wives. Thank you for giving me a chance to grow as a person... and overcoming you... please understand in everything that you do 3 pogi's you can't in any way affect me anymore like you do before. =)
  • Nature - Until now.. I can't help but be amazed of Nature. Thank you for the lessons... that you impart in a very unique way. I learn a lot about life whenever I gaze at one part of you (be it from the ants to the butterflies to the greatest mountain up to the sky).
  • Health/Body/Healing Methods - I know this is part of nature... but I want to separate this. I used to be a sickly kid, I am always rushed to the hospital every other week (be it from dengue, colds, fever). But, ever since the world of alternative healing opened up for us... I've never been to the hospital (unless for visits) for 14 years now. I realized our body was designed to LIVE forever, and I am still amazed at how our body was created.... how intelligent it is... and how it is THE BEST DOCTOR in the whole wide world. That no medicine can heal you.. except your body alone. Thank you for my health and for giving me the wisdom to take care of my body wisely (although, I've abused it most of the time, but IM TRYING HARD to balance it out..).
  • Philippines - Thank you for letting me live in this part of the world. To be part of a culture I have come to love(only positive ones). Thank you for giving us Pinoys the humor in the face of danger and hard times. Thank you for making me live in one of Nature's haven I have called my home in this mortal life...
  • The Word/Wisdom - In the beginning was THE WORD.... thank you for your word.
  • TRUTH - thank you for letting me know the difference between REALITY and TRUTH... and whatever happens in this realm I would always remember the TRUTH that always sets me FREE from the chains of this world.
  • CHOICE/WILL- Thank you for giving us the power to exercise our will through choices. Thank you for showing me YOUR will... and that I have every right to follow it or not... but I have chosen to follow yours... even if it requires a lot of worldly sacrifices....
  • EVERYTHING - (ang daya everything ano?) just EVERYTHING. the perfections and imperfections..... the things that comprises the WHO I AM. Life and death, hot and the cold... you name it. I have come to enjoy and thank everything that comes along my way be it good or bad. Every circumstance brings about different opportunities and it is up to me what side of the coin I choose to focus.
  • YOU - and of course YOU! Anyone reading this. Thank you for giving me a chance to share all these things to you... THANK YOU. :)
I guess that's about it.

Anyone saw the PBB episode last night? Muwahaha Pretty funny punishment they have.
As punishment for having leftovers:
The girls were cooking helplessly at a SMALL clay pot the old fashioned way. And then they were asked to eat at a small plate, spoon and fork and a shot glass for their water. It was really a funny scene specially for the boys. Haha. If only you saw Toni's hosting which added more humor. Hayyy... funny funny.


Anyway.. just for laughs [ to know you are reading this, haha. kidding ]

Bodie used to be a cast from Ang TV and Big Brother asked them to add "Esmyuskee" whenever they start to talk...and end their sentence with a "Ngeh".

Which is really hilarious.... [ that episode sure is fun.. I hope I catch it again on YouTube ]

and wouldn't it be fun to try it out here? [ I know it's a bit lame but.... we can afford to be lame once in a while di ba? ]

and sa mga PBB haters you are Esmyuskeed. Hehe. :)

Example Comment: "Esmyuskee Tina.. I really blah blah blah and at the end... Nge."

Sige na. Thank you. Nge.


Patty said...


yes, i agree. the best prayers are the ones full of gratitude to Him. in fact, we actually get a lot (more than what we want and ask for) when we thank Him, rather than ask for it.

have a blessed day!

nyeeh! (haha sorry, i prefer nyeh than ngeh. sounds funnier. lols ;])
Patty | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 2:51 am

tina said...

Patty: esmyuskee

Thanks for being a good sport. Haha tawa ako ng tawa dito.. while I read it. Just for this post lng naman.. hehe

tina | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 2:59 am |

Mel said...


Thank you as well, for welcoming me and for giving me a chance to be your friend. Glad to know that you are easily pleased even to the smallest bit of thing. Each person should really have faith in HIM (that's why we pray), but of course we should never forget to thank HIM everytime for all His Blessings to us.

So, you're an avid viewer of PBB. I've seen that episode,too, but I'm not really a fan. Sana guy naman ang manalo no? LOL.

MeL | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 3:01 am |

Sidney said...

So many people only see the bad things in life. Good that you see the nice things in life and that you are thankful for it!
Sidney | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 3:10 am |

katharine said...

heheh.mao blog na blog echus. hehe.
ako big thanks kaayo ko ky Papa God for making me..ME. weheheh

I dreamed of you napud tina..this morning.ahaha! weird...naa daw ta sa store then isa lng ang baligya..SKIRTS! wahaha! puros skirts..
diba kaw lng mn hilig ana? dli mn kaayo ko hilig og skirts bah..hehehe anyways, tingala lng ko ngano mka dream ko og person na dli nko pirmi kauban.
Katharine | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 4:05 am |

Lhyz said...

sis thanks sa link grabeh super busy ahuhuh pasensya na tlg babawi ako sau pramis! muwahhh!
lhyz | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 6:57 am |

Joanna said...

emyuskee tina,
hehehe napanood ko din yung episode na yun.. syemay tawa ko ng tawa.. haha pasaway talaga mga pakulo ni big brother.. hehehe.. si bodie ang payat nung bata.. grabe!!

joanna | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 6:57 am |

Anonymous said...

nice post so inspiring!
mousey | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 1:47 pm | #

What an inspirational post! Very nice! Anyway hope you have a lovely weekend!
chase | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 6:46 pm |

Fingertalks said...

i like the third quote, "What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it - would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have. - Ralph Marston"

...what if I gave someone a gift, and neglected to thank me...hmmm. i will still give a gift para maalala nya na di sya nagthank u. hihihi..
dessy | Homepage | 05.26.07 - 12:46 am |

Richard said...

parang kaw nga talaga yung nakita ko while i'm on duty.. hehe.. baka kamukha lang.. muntikan ko na ngang i-approach.. like "hi, tina! why are you here?".. hehhee.. sana nagpaabi ka pumunta ka dito kidapawan.. hehee

BTW: Yeah right, best prayer in this world are those that are full of thanks.. pray, it's for free...
richard | Homepage | 05.26.07 - 4:46 am | #

Gravatar 5 fingers of prayer:

thumb- nearest to you. pray for those who are close to you..

pointing finger- pray for those who teach, instruct and heal

tallest finger- pray for your leaders, they need God's guidance

ring finger- weakest finger, pray for those who are weak, troubled or in pain.

little finger- the smallest, to remind you to pray for yourself..
richard | Homepage | 05.26.07 - 5:44 am |

Theia said...

Well, hello there. Bago lang po ako sa blogging. ^^ I'm a PBB fan and I've seen that episode you're talking about. I almost rolled on the floor when Nel and Kean started to make fun of the task. Hay, naku. And that other topic on your post was inspiring.
Theia | Homepage | 05.26.07 - 6:21 am | #

tin said...

Emyuskee haha! PBB looks fun. Masubukan nga panoorin. Hekhek.

Well, there's a lot to thank. Ang dami nating blessings e. Nice list you have there.

Nge. :p
tin | Homepage | 05.26.07 - 6:24 am | #

Ninong said...

Esmyuskee, Tina...

May kanta kaming kinakanta sa simbahan tungkol dyan e... parang...

"count your blessings name them one by one... count your many blessings see what God had done..."

hmmm...napanood este narinig ko rin yung episode na yun ng PBB habang nag-iinternet nung isang gabi... nakita ko na pala si Bodie noon... haha.

eto corny na joke... anong TINA ang nakalagay sa lata?


e di... CENTURY TINA!!!

ngeeeeee! hahaha
ninong | Homepage | 05.26.07 - 2:47 pm |

nicole said...

hindi ako makarelate ate dun sa sinsabi mong funny, wahaha pano wala ako sa pinas ahihihi la pa kami TFC eh... ingat ka lagi ate mwaaaahh!!
nicole | Homepage | 05.27.07 - 1:07 am |

Avy said...


pwede ba makiraan? hehehe :D
nagkita gud mi ni vanessa ganina..
ana sya librehon daw ta niya sa sweldo niya.. hehehe, pero sa inyo daw ta kaon, sya lang buy sa food and stuff. hihihi :D
Avy | Homepage | 05.27.07 - 4:53 am |

Ann said...

Ako rin kahit super busy sa araw-araw I see to it na I give thanks to Him for all the blessings bago matulog.

Di ako masyado sa tfc ngayon kasi si MIL mas type ang GMA na panoorin.
ann | Homepage | 05.27.07 - 6:13 am

Pam said...

Gravatar esmyuskee tina, hahaha.

funny yung sa pbb. funny siya kasi na-edit na pero corny kung tutuusin. hehehe.

agree ako. kaya i never fail to thank god for the little things.
pam | Homepage | 05.27.07 - 7:59 am | #

Krisha said...


Ang kulet naman nito! ahhaha! Hindi ko talaga hilig yung PBB. Ano ba yun?? Anyway yun lang...

Krisha | Homepage | 05.27.07 - 8:40 am |

Ferdz said...


Yeah I agree. When we see a lot to be thankful for it gives colors to our lives. And prayers should be always about gratitude even things that we asked for, we should already thank for having them already to be given. Thank you for this post :D
Ferdz | Homepage | 05.27.07 - 10:03 am |

Joni said...

Wow. It's great to see the meme come this far! Thanks for participating. And continue counting your blessings! God bless.
Joni | Homepage | 05.27.07 - 11:14 am |

joe said...

esmyuskee..brings back the old times when i was a kid and used to watch angTV!

good day, tina!
joe | Homepage | 05.27.07 - 4:19 pm |

bea said...

eksmyuskee, tina.

anong tina ang ginagamit sa pagkain?
ano pa, e di TINA-dor!

e ano naman ang tina na binabalot sa dyaryo?
ano pa, e di TINA-pa!

corny no? hehehe nangungulit lang po...
bea | Homepage | 05.27.07 - 9:49 pm |

katia said...

haha, i know that song count your blessings.

count your many blessing name them one by one, and you will be surprised on what the Lord has done. hehe

madami nga naman tayong blessings, nagfofocus lang kasi tayo sa negatives kaya indi natin narerealize,

anyways sis, kung may time ka, hingi ko po boto mo, andun po details sa last post ko. TY po!
katia | Homepage | 05.28.07 - 3:06 am |

Anonymous said...

nice post, really
Jan | Homepage | 05.28.07 - 6:14 am | #

I hate wendy now... now that Ethel Booba revealed in Mo twister's Forbidden Question that they had a one night stand.
Richmond | Homepage | 05.28.07 - 7:36 am | #

Good lineup of blessings to thank for. =)

Esmyuskee - usong-uso sa'min 'to nu'ng Elementary at naging kasangkapan din namin ito para mambadtrip lalo na ng mga teachers namin.
Jake The Miserable | Homepage | 05.28.07 - 3:07 pm |

Mikko said...



people really love PBB.

as for me, im neutral. haha.
i get to watch it when my cousins watch it too.
im not really a fan though.

oh , and wow. blessings blessings. =|
dont know how to count mine. haha.
i feel incredibly blessed. XD

and im incredibly grateful. =)

take care!
Mikko | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 12:07 am | #

Gravatar naiwan ....


Mikko | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 12:11 am |

Arianne said...

hello hello! hugs! you're welcome sis. hehe.
arianne | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 12:14 pm | #

cat said...

eSmyuskee Tina...anong tawag sa tao na mahilig magbasa? eh d


hahaha, alam ko hindi dapat magbigay ng joke (esp lame jokes)! funny nga yung epi na yun, I'm liking Bodie na nga ngayon!

medyo matagal na din akong MIA dito, been busy sa work pero here na ako nwei I do count my blessings! mas maaappreciate ang small things :D
cat | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 1:07 am |