Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Disciplinary Action

I grew up with discipline by my side. Both parents are strict... but it is my mom who does not spare the rod.

I grew up with different kinds of punishment when I was young.

  1. Luhod(Kneel)- "Kneeling down with your hands raised sidewards". What could be worse with this punishment was under your knees you either choose to place uncooked rice, monggo beans or rock salt. Tough.
  2. Lashes - My mom would ask how old am I and that would be the number of lashes.
  3. Face the Wall - This one is pretty modern and easy... you would learn how to talk to the wall as well.
Anyway... you can't punish a child without explaining why he or she was punished. Those kind of punishment would make the child rebel if YOU DID NOT EXPLAIN IT WELL. These disciplines are better if it is BALANCED. { Of course, we have different parents... and each of those differences makes them special } My parents raised me up with a healthy attitude towards discipline.

This one serves as as childhood memory for me. It's part of my growing up. I can say the disciplines you get from your parents are the "easy way" of learning your lessons. In life, whenever you do something.. the Law of Cause and Effect would strike you. In every effect there is a cause. In everything that you do, you must be aware of the consequences and you cannot blame anybody for what is happening into your life because you.. only you.. have caused it one way or another.

When I was in High School the punishment of kneeling down was still around, no more lashes and facing the wall *bye bye wall* but adding to it was being "Grounded".

Grounded - from going out of the house for two weeks or more. No social activities etcetera etcetera.

I suddenly feel like I'm Jessica from Sweet Valley getting grounded and not attending so-called important events of my high school life. *rolls my eyes* Which is kinda ok... at least I have someone I know who gets grounded too! Muwahaha. Jessica... I understand how you feel girl!

I also got grounded and had my cellphone confiscated from me numerous times for

  1. having our phone bill reach to 2,000 + for how many months. { I was calling a friend named Ellen.. who transferred out-of-town, and since I'm close to her I usually call her through her cellphone for how many hours. I was pretty ignorant back then because I did not know the charge would be high for landline to cellular phone calls. Sorrryyyy }
  2. Watching movies on the big screen without asking permission. Trouble is, if I ask permission my mom won't allow me still :( I did it only twice... getting caught the second time and never watched a movie with friends without permission.
And... that's not all. I did not say.. when I would have my cellphone back right? Well, to make it a little bit harder my mom made me memorize the whole book of Proverbs {31 chapters}. Until I memorize it I won't have my phone back. That's not easy. I was studying, and pretty much teeny weeny focused in school. I usually recover my phone after 6 months.

6 months after.... the second confiscation? I wasn't interested in cellphones anymore. And that's a PLUS because I won't have to worry about cellphone loads right?

My mom also made me try the D.A.

Ever heard of it ? Hehe.

It is called "disciplinary action". Kind of redundant... but it goes like this

EVERYBODY in the house WOULD NOT TALK TO YOU sort of like giving you the silent treatment until a certain period of time.

But of course my mom made it easier for me. I cannot talk to HER only until I finish the book she wants me to read... and that was Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Anyhow... why am I talking about discipline? Because......

My brother and sister just got grounded from T.V. and the computer until they memorize the whole book of proverbs and reading 20 books + a book report.

Tough huh?

But... they are smarter. They have chosen those 46paged books of biographies of different scientists. Tsk. Tsk. Naughty kids. Mom can't do anything about it since... she did not say how thick or how many pages the book should be for their report.

Share your memories of being disciplined as well.... :)

[ edit: Thanks Pam! for the gift! ]


Anonymous said...

for you: img5...uotegiftru5.gif

anyway, never ko na-experience yang mga ganyan. but my parents are both disciplinarians. as in super talak lang sila sa akin, pero yung mga ganyan, never. hehe.

talaga naman, ang memories.
pam | Homepage | 05.23.07 - 8:39 am | #

Ganito r8in yung parusa sa mga ate ko dati... hahaha...
Richmond | Homepage | 05.23.07 - 8:45 am |

ghee said...

you`re parents are real disciplinarian huh..yeah,i think those were tough,but it depends on how the children wud absorb it..look at you,you can relate well to what theyre trying to implement

i am a discipilinarian,too..but i never done stuff like that..iba ang way of discipline nila rito,and i guess,nakuha ko na rin yata yung culture nila..

one good example??
pag makulit at ayaw magpasayaw,pinalalabas ng bahay(during winter) at ila lock ang pinto..for how many minutes,para madala.pero,kay Haru ko lang yata nagawa nung maliit pa is sweeter and wiser kasi,hehe..

reading goods are good payment
ghee | Homepage | 05.23.07 - 11:19 am | #

Anonymous said...

I am totally against physical punishments. I would never and will never do that to my children. I still think the best way is to give a good examples to your children, give much love and TALK to them.
Sidney | Homepage | 05.23.07 - 9:18 pm | #

Naku, di ko totally naranasan yan sa magulang ko. Mga yaya ko dati ang nakakagawa sa akin ng physical punishment. My dad will just give you the silent treatment, so madala ka sa tingin nya. Ang mom ko, maingay lang talaga.
MeL | Homepage | 05.23.07 - 10:48 pm |

Sasha said...

I remember getting "the belt" from my dad when I pushed my sister on the wall. Hehehe... Ayun, sister ko umiiyak dahil may bukol, ako naman umiiyak kasi napalo

I do believe that getting some DA from our parents is still for the best. It makes us appreciate everything a bit more. Saka mas nagiging tuwid ang bata. For me lang yun ha. And I guess you share the same views. Mahirap kasi yung pagsasabihan mo lang. Sometimes kasi, they think that it's easy to get away with a mistake so they do it again.

But the DA's are tough ha! Memorize 13 chapters of the Proverbs?!? Wow! No wonder you are such a smart kid, Tina!
sasha | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 12:30 am |

Cat said...

our parents know the best for us so dapat lang talaga na we abide their rules. Sometimes it's against our will, pero alam talaga nila ang alin ang tama at mali and it's one way for you to show them that you respect your parents

anyways, my father is the disciplinarian and he was so strict too. There was the time when I was in HS, he said that I should be back by 6pm, hardheaded I am, I returned after 6, what he did was he closed our gate and front door, what I did was I climbed our gate, eh mataas yun. I ended waiting outside our house for hours, kasi ayaw talaga akong pasukin ng father ko. hay grabe talaga
cat | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 1:06 am

Eli said...

wow, ok pala parents mo..

share ko lang ung punishment sakin ng nanay ko before... nung bata ako, kasi alis ako ng alis ng bahay.. always somewhere playing..

ginawa ni nanay, tinali ako sa ilalim ng mesa, as in around the neck one end, table's leg the other.. kakatawa nga pag iniisip ko eh... (nakatakas pa rin ako.. hehehe)
eli | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 1:26 am

tina said...

Pam: ahihi hi pam! thanks for the gifty..

Richmond: ikaw wala? mapalad ang mga bunso.. ah. kapatid ko din na boy di maxado. haha. pero.. ako ang gumagawa ng punishment sa kanya ,. muwahaha. joke

Ate Ghee: tama ate.. ahihi. depende talag a sa pag receive. ung iba theyd get bitter... pero di naman always palo ako ano.. im a good girl sometimes.. muwahaha

Sidney: ahan. right.

Mel: depende din yan sa bata at parents dba? abay nakakatakot ang mga stares ano. id rather let my mom talk than be silent. ahihi

Ate Sasha: we get the belt when we do something really really mean.. like hurting others for example? i got the belt when i fought with my sister too.

Cat: hihi ako naman pinalabas ng bahay with my bro and sis. maingay kasi away ng away. we blamed each other while we were outside. hehe...

Eli: funny. nice memories naman when we look back and remember how naughty we were.. and all that tapos.... mga punishments.
tina | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 1:55 am |

Krisha said...

Haha! Face the wall! Yan ang pinakamadali pero pinakaboring na parusa sa akin! haha! :D
Krisha | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 2:53 am |

Ann said...

Bago lahat yan sa pandinig ko, hindi kasi ganyan ka strikto parents ko at the same time di rin ako ganun ka strikto sa mga kids. Pero ok yung ibang punishments sa yo like yung pagbabasa ng books, magaya nga. Punishment at the same time ay educational na rin.

Ito pala yung namali mong comment sa tagboard ko...hehehe.

Have a nice day!
ann | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 3:43 am | #

Mari said...

Whoa! Your mom sure is a disciplinarian. And as punishment you all have to read books! But that's a good punishment, become a wide reader...that is if you really are reading. LOL
Mari | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 4:24 am | #

katharine said...

Tina, kapoi kaayo nang punishment na mag basa og mg memorize og pila ka chapters oieee... mabuang mn cguro ko ana..hehehe mka tulog jud ko tibuok adlaw ana bah.
anyways, na try npud nko na tnan punishment na nbanggit nimo except lng sa pg read og book.haha! na remember pud nko tung nangatik ko sa akong mama kay grabe nmn kaayo ko mka gamit og sagpa ko. basta..daghan pud ko na agian..mao kurog jud ko pg mo tan-aw na akong mama sa ako.heheh.
Katharine | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 9:04 am |

Sexy Mom said...

Tina, is that really really true? i thought you were joking. but then, different moms, different kids, different strokes. and the good thing is that you do not take things against your mom!
SexyMom | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 9:23 pm |

Raine said...

memorize the proverbs? hahaha you're mom is cool for thinking of other alternatives to punish you guys and make you learn something at the same time
raine | Homepage | 05.24.07 - 9:32 pm | #

tin said...

ngayon ko lang narinig yang ganyan ah. Yung memorize the book of proverbs.

Nung sa province pa kami nakatira. Kinukulong kami ni Papa sa bodega ng bigas. Walang ilaw. Buong araw doon kami., Doon kumakain at natutulog. Dahil pasaway kami noon, ginawa ko, nagtago ako ng kumot at unan sa sulok at binalot ko sa sako, para in case na ikulong ulit ako doon, mejo comportable na ko. hahaha!

isa pa yung katulad rin sayo. Yung pinapaluhod sa monggo. Meron din yung mag i-squat ka habang may 2 makapal na encyclopedia sa kamay mo. Pag pumupunta sa papa sa kusina, binababa namin. Pag nahuli kami, dinadagdagan niya ng book. Kaya doble ingat.

Meron din yung 30lashes ng sinturon. Kaya puro pasa pwet namin.

Ok naman ang naging outcome samin, medyo nakakatrauma nga lang. Kaya nung bata kami, takot kami kay papa.
tin | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 12:11 am | #

Rachel said...

hi. maswerte ako dahl hindi ko naman naexperience yung mga ganyan. mas marami siguro ung mga pangaral pero ung mga palo wala naman masyado. i think ok lang naman ang may punishment wag lang ung sobra sobra db. my site will be up on june 1 pa huhu
Rachel | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 12:37 am |

adri said...

wah! never ko naexperience yung luluhod pro nasobrahan yata ako sa palo at belt, hanger at kung anu pang makita ang gamit na pamalo sakin huhu pro pang disiplina naman eh nako masasabi ko ngang effective yung ginagawa ng mga filipino parents na pang disiplina sa mga anak nila coz yung mga and2 sa us nako kaya lumalaking bastos mga anak nila kc nga bawal apluin parang di nila madisiplina ng tama anak nila

uso naman d2 yung grounded pro never ko parin na experience yun hihihi yung na confiscate yung phone ko ayun uu dlawang beses narin kc late nko umuwi pro c papa lang gumagawa sakin nun c mama pagsasabihan lng aku hehhe
adri | Homepage | 05.25.07 - 2:43 am |

Lazarus said...

i thought i was the only one punished harshly. discipline shape us. sometimes, others are just too harsh. it is only after some years that we appreciate its effect.
Lazarus | Homepage | 05.30.07 - 4:30 am

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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