Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Addicted to you

  1. Write about how much addicted you are towards something.
  2. Don't forget to include the percentage of addictedness towards those things.
  3. As long as the total of percentage must reach 100%...
  4. You MUST tag others and continue tagging but please don't forget to explain the rules and please notify the person so that they will know that they have been tagged by you....
50% --> Books. Need I say more? Hehe

10% --> Coffeeee. I always have my daily dose of caffeine every morning.... while reading a page from the book I'm currently reading...

10% --> Cakes. Every party, I go... I'd wait around for the cake to be served. I love cakes.. I wanna try all of them. :P

10%--> Movies. I rarely watch movies... nowadays.. but if given the chance.. I'd be sitting and watching movies all day....

5% ---> Pink, White & Yellow, Rainbow Colors/Pastel Colors... -> Anything with a rainbow design... or with a rainbow color stuff... I collect. Anything pink, white & yellow I collect.

5% ----> Butterflies. I love butterflies.. I love song about butterflies.. stories about butterflies.. I love dresses and skirts with butterfly prints all over. I love butterfly items...

3% ---> Bears. Panda bears... Koala bears... -> I like them!!!

3% ---> Dolphins. I love dolphins as well. I'm a Flipper fan... Hehe... It's where I started liking dolphins....

2% ---->Chocolate. I lovee chocolatessssss. Hehe.

2%---> Yogurt. Love this... yum yum

{ edit - I forgot to tag.. hehe thanks Cat for reminding me... and since... you reminded me... guess what ? You won a tag for addiction! nyahaha. Tagging: Cat, Avy (sori.. do this when you have the time.), and Bam (adik ka din ata eh? malamang sa kape...)

Speaking of addiction.....

I have a picture of a certain plant called "Kachubong/Katchubong". {never mind the spelling} The picture was taken at Salumay Busay Resort and it was my first time to see and touch the plant. (No, I did not try it's whimsical effects)

I heard from our local news station last year that this certain plant is being used as a hallucinogen.

It is said to have extreme effects that leaves a person the inability to differentiate reality from fantasy.

In other places it is called Datura. This plant has different colors.... as well. This is also called Jimsonweed, in the Western part.

A mnemonic for the psychological effects of kachubong intoxication:

"blind as a bat, mad as a hatter, red as a beet, hot as hell, dry as a bone, the bowel and bladder lose their tone, and the heart runs alone."
The most famous account of jimsonweed intoxication can be found at The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda.

"She is as powerful as the best of allies, but there is something I personally don't like about her. She distorts men. She gives them a taste of power too soon without fortifying their hearts and makes them domineering and unpredictable. She makes them weak in the middle of their great power."


  • Datura is the plant given to pacify the mentally handicapped brother in William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury.
  • In the novel The Sundial by Maarten 't Hart, datura is used twice as a poison.
  • Singer/songwriter Tori Amos penned a trance song entitled "Datura" for her 1999 album "To Venus and Back". The song features Amos reading a list of various plants that are growing in her garden over hypnotic piano and rhythms. She consistently mentions datura within the list, as if to indicate it is overgrowing and destroying her garden. The flower, in the song, is used as a metaphor for destructive relationships.
  • The psychedelic rock band Bardo Pond named a song "Datura" in his album "Set and Setting". Many other Bardo Pond album and song titles have been derived from the names of esoteric psychedelic substances.
  • In the movie XXX the darts used to knock out Xander (Vin Diesel) and that he later uses to appear to kill an undercover policeman are referred to as 'Datura knockout darts' by their creator.
Get more infos: Here, Here and Here.

WARNING: "Self-experimentation is not recommended and must be strictly avoided by anyone who suffers any kind of heart condition. The effects are stimulating on the central nervous system and simultaneously depressing on the peripheral nerves. Symptoms include an increased heart rate, drying up of the mucus membranes, a dry throat and sometimes cramps. At first the effects are arousing, sometimes manifesting as uncontrolled talking or laughing, forgetfulness and indulging in senseless repetitive activities. Vivid hallucinations and delirious illusions may also occur. Occasionally the effects can produce extreme violence and destructive urges. The period of agitation is usually followed by a deep prolonged sleep accompanied with vivid dreams and hallucinations, often of a sexual nature. Upon awakening one might experience a distinct hang-over and a total lack of memory as to what actually happened during the state of altered consciousness."


Just watched Spiderman 3 yesterday: Short review HERE.


cat said...

uyyy, ako ang ang nauna.This must be a record, hehehe

so do we have to tag ourselves?
cat | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 4:59 am |

jhed said...

If you love books, I love movies naman! Haha!

The flower looks good enough to eat. LOL. [Okay, that was just gross. Haha!]
Jhed | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 6:08 am |

Sidney said...

50% on books! That is a nice addiction!
This Kachubong plant looks quite dangerous!
Did you tried it?
Sidney | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 7:38 am |

Aisha said...

ako naman sis sa yogurt ako addicted 100% hahaha soo yummy eh! plus im having the pro weight management pa haha
Aisha | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 8:29 am |

pam said...

ako, movies. hehe. ayos yung plant na yan ah. there's such a thing as that. wow! amazing fact. hehe. tapos yogurt din and chocolate. wow!yum
pam | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 9:37 am | #

tin said...

Buti ka pa, napanood mo agad yung spiderman3! Dito kasi daming nanonood nun lalo na pag first day. So, baka next week ko sya panoorin. Naku! Excited narin ako mapanood!
tin | 05.02.07 - 9:38 am |

Ferdz said...

I think that 50% addiction is productive naman.

I've heard and seen that katsubong plant when I was in Southern Leyte. They said nga that it was quite potent than any other hallucinogen. Di ko pa nga lang nasubukan hehe.
Ferdz | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 10:01 am |

Yagi said...

chocolates=50% yogurt=50%!! pink=75% ahaha.. nice naman 50% on books.. nga pala sis.. gift koh sayo.. ce8e049d.jpg at ito 9b09ec8f.jpg
yagi | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 4:57 pm |

katia said...

hello there!

wow, half of your addiction is on books. goor thing,

wow weird kind of plant huh.

buti ka pa you've already watcher spidey 3. i dont know when i'll have time to do so
katia | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 4:58 pm |

Shari said...

What? No blogging? :D

Datura. Interesting. But I don't need it, methinks. I'm seeing dead people, lololol!
Shari | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 8:13 pm |

tina said...

Yagi: thanks sis! hehe

Shari: blogging is 100% hehe.. :P
tina | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 8:36 pm

tresebry said...

grabe ka tina... ang adik mo sa libro.. kaya ang hahaba ng post mo, may pinaghuhugutan ka... buti ka pa...
tresebry | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 8:57 pm

Sasha said...

Right now, I'm 80% addicted to blogging, 10% to FRIENDS dvds and 10% to yakking with friends
sasha | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 10:06 pm |

Christian said...

So you're really addicted with books eh? I love books either. Currently, I'm reading Mitch Albom's For One More Day. Buti naman at may paperback na, ang mahal kasi nung hardbound.
christian | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 10:44 pm |

Cat said...

hahaha, ok il do this after mawala na ang spidey-fever ko, hehehe
cat | Homepage | 05.02.07 - 10:46 pm |

Krisha said...

Hiya hiya! :D 2% addicted to chocolates? In my case it's 101! Haha! :D Whoa?! that plant can actually make you, like, day dream?? :D Whoa?! Haha! :D
Krisha | Homepage | 05.03.07 - 12:58 am |

enoc said...

ako rin, napanood ko n yung spider-man 3 kahapon.. the best.

ang galing naman nung datura, interesado ako sa kanya.

nice post! dami ko natutunan.. hehe
enoc | Homepage | 05.03.07 - 1:31 am |

len said...

i love butterflies and chocolates and bears too! ^^ ahihihi about duns a plant wow! d ko akalain na may plant na ganyan kakaiba tlaga ate ah hilig um sa flowers? hehe tsaka new discoveries! hehee
len | Homepage | 05.03.07 - 3:36 am |

mari said...

Georgia O'Keeffe, a master painter, had a Jimson Weed painting. It was one of her best.

Click link ->
Jimson Weed Painting

Mari | Homepage | 05.03.07 - 4:41 am |

L.A. said...

ako??? 100% adik sa korean boysssss nyaahhaha and siguro sa HP na din.haha

yeah alm ko din yan diba angels trumphet din yung name nyan??? ginawa pa ngang jam yan eh para daw sa food trip sabi sa emergency dati...
L.A | Homepage | 05.03.07 - 9:04 am |

nona said...

Narinig ko na ang kachubong na iyan...nakakasira raw ng ulo?
50% lang ba sa books? hehehe...
I love yoghurt too. *yum*
nice post Tina gurl!
nona | Homepage | 05.03.07 - 9:14 am |

nona said...

*yey*! at last, nakapagcomment din.
nona | Homepage | 05.03.07 - 9:15 am |

Ychel said...

hi tina! im kinda lazy updating kasi pagod na ako pag dating ko ng in! but ill make it up!

hmm..this plant is kindah strange. i cant magine yun ang effect nya or nagagawa nya. and yeah never heard of this plant before. tnx about the info. very nice post.

ako? addict? sa SHOPPING! haha..and sa laptop ko.lolzzz..oh and coffee too...i really love i mean soo inlove with coffee.

take care tina! mwahugs
ychel | Homepage | 05.03.07 - 6:15 pm |

katharine said...

Hi Tina!

about dun sa kachubong..oh yeah..may plant kmi nyan dati...iba tlga noh kc nkaka addict tlga ang amoy...and bango! sobra!
pero tuwing gabi lng bumabango..
nwwala kc ang baho pag daylight.
umaabot nga sa kbilang bahay ang amoy eh. grabeh..
ewan ko bah kung ba't sa gabi lng.
Katharine | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 10:01 pm |

Anonymous said...

sorry... but this is not a Kachubong/katchubong, please make some research... thanks and Godbless