Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Home

i have chosen to have a new abode.....  the new Enchanted Life.... :)

should you want to link it up. please do. i'm creating a new blog roll over there. just say your intention here and ill place your link. :)

and i made a very crazy mistake by importing my blogs over there. (i'll have to delete most of them one by one). I am so attached to this blog that it's a bit "hard" for me to let go.... that I brought all my baggages over the space. so much for "something new".

i'd still post updates here... more on "for the world" events or "davao" events that would be needing your support... and maybe some updates about what is really happening to our world... (as if I know a lot huh?)

So to recap on my blogs....

Step into the Magic - ( I have decided to rename this as "Step into the Magic". This will give you glimpses on how you can participate in Humanity's journey back to love and kindness. The miracle we called "shift" from mind-centered life to a heart centered one.

Enchanted Life - ( will be a personal journey... my personal quest... the hurrah i always feel that needs a new space. This will depict my Quest as it is right now... where I am... what are the Personal Questions that I have to go through... and what are my personal reflections.... and what are the things that are currently working in my life... this will also aim to assist each and everyone who reads on their own personal quest....

Angel Snippets - (  Angel Snippets will be my messages from Divine. Messages I got from meditation... when my mind is quiet or when I'm with nature... closely similar to Enchanted Life but much more... "angelic"... any angelic encounters I have... or experience with the Divine

Espresso Break - ( My review blog... movies.. books..restaurants..resorts .. places...

TUMBLR presence...

Wonder Struck  - ( - this contains.. most of the things I love..fancy.. quotes.. I like... music... ahhh and whatnots.

Life is a Dance - ( - this will contain... "twitter" like thoughts with image... :) personal "in-the-moment" i wanna post thingy...

There ya gooo.... :)

Love and blessings,

Tina L.
(There Is No Alternative but Love & Liberty)

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