Thursday, July 21, 2011


July July!

It's amazing the month isn't over yet!!!

This month is sooo jam-packed.

I have been so engrossed being actively engaged in some events that would soon pave way to a wonderful society.

I joined a workshop facilitated by Mr. Nicanor Perlas when July started. And from that workshop we came up with "Cycle for Life". Actually, there's a biking event in Davao done once a year by The FORCE (bicycle enthusiasts) and it is also to promote the bicycle city ordinance we have in Davao. Good thing, with the workshop was Tito Leo Avila who was a former councilor who is actively involved in different environment groups and he still has the connections to continue the said activity. And he realized everyone was just waiting for him to call for action even if he is not in office anymore. And with that taken care of we set off to plan the event.

Aside from that, I am currently the secretary of Rotaract Club of Munting Pag-Asa Davao which means more responsibility and more chances of being actively involved in transforming our society.

One of my friends organized the Davao Live Aid Concert for the flash flood victims...... and we had our own relief operations and created the group Tribu Pagkakaisa, where I experienced synchronicity. How God sure gives the desires of the people.

I have been to three cities in Northern Mindanao the past week, Iligan, CDO and Butuan with mom to spread love.

I feel that times are really changing nowadays. And I am beginning to see the fruits of the Light Workers. The people I am with right now are really the people that I have been looking for a long time ago. Plus, I even dragged a friend in the move..... now she's taking LEAP!!! For the TIME OF HER LIFE!!!

For current events the one thing that can make me super duper incensed last week was the "negative" reports from this certain A BIASED SCBN media company about our City Mayor Sara Duterte. I would say over and over again that violence is the last option.... but then if your children are about to be killed.. wouldn't you do something to protect them? That event made me wonder how weird people can be.... they are quick to judge the Mayor for protecting people but are mum about larger deception especially when it comes to the family owning and monopolizing most of the properties of Pinas. But sheeshhh..... shift shift shift Tina... "I choose to Love......"

I am overwhelmed that many spiritual leaders are also taking their own Leap of Faith.... let's not talk about those who are on "the dark forces" okay? Only those who have been actively participating to spread love and oneness, like Bishop Tutu who always inspires me.

I just can't wait for great things to happen specially in the coming months. The dark forces are losing their power.... as more and more people are awaken to each of their true BEING... that we are LOVE and Light. The people responsible for the LOSE-WIN percentage... which keeps 2% of the world population on top and the 98% below, are losing their power.... times are changing and the numbers to the right distribution of wealth is slowly happening.

Do not lose faith...... Mother Earth will continue it's cleansing.... Stay grounded.... Stay heart-centered..... so you wouldn't be affected by the coming changes.

I am more than positive.... I am enthused, excited, inspired by the coming of something super duper great! Every LightWorker is doing their job and I am just amazed I am part of it specially in taking care of the environment..... The only thing we need to do... is to come together... doing it together .... doing it en masse.

Life sure has many reasons to celebrate...... if you are still having it an emo day..... CELEBRATE!!! Celebrate that all negative emotions are beginning to get out of your system. Celebrate!!!

Loving you all,


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Charles Ravndal said...

There's more to life indeed and we should live to the fullest!

chandra said...

Nicely written. I love succinct posts that actually impart usable information.
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zingtrial said...

This Post howed great conviction and broad knowledge.
here you have such useful information to share.
When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
Live your life in such a manner that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.
"What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God."

Zach said...

I will not loose faith. Thanks for the post.

Angelo said...

if everyone had your enthusiasm, then world peace would definitely be imminent :) Cheers! Here's to love and justice prevailing always....