Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eco City?

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I have been thinking long and hard before having this article made. One, I am not an investor and it such a shame to talk about these things and feeling quite "powerless" because I haven't made investments for the city - YET. (I need to make large amount of moolahs for that which I plan "eco" so nothing can stop me.) Two, I am not on the streets protesting about the proposed coal power plant, nor have I tried "running for a cause". I did sign for a petition letter once for the "Save the Timugan River" but that is not enough....

To talk about these things I would probably come out as a clanging cymbal. But, it's bothering me. I love Davao City so much... that even though I admired the developments hanging around the corner I have often grieved for the prices of urbanization we have to pay.

Yes, I have enjoyed technology... and yes I have contributed to the carbon footprint. I have always felt that going green is quite hard to come around specially if not everybody shares the same passion you do. But, I have been influencing my family bit by bit, because it sure takes some time to change habits. I have tried to influence people by giving them copies of 11th Hour a documentary with Leonardo di Caprio in it which is better than Al Gore's. I have supported in my own way, not grandiose (promoting them..bridging like minded individuals) various people in the environment fields: Councilor Leo Avila, Kuya JoeGreen and Loud Plastics Creation by Maej (i have yet to buy some of her green pieces.. saving up for it. hehe. ).

Last April 7, 2011 I read some articles online that Mayor Sara Duterte wanted to venture on eco-tourism and have our beloved Davao City dubbed as "eco city". I was enthused. Huwaw! Being Eco is just around the corner. But, with the recent proposal of Aboitiz to have a coal-fired power plant which they market as "clean"... I don't think the stand is consistent with the tag "eco city" anymore.

I have attended a talk with their VP in one of the meetings I joined... but because I was "late"... I never mentioned my stand on my blog. All I got was their comparison between solar, wind, wave sources with the coal plant. They mentioned to everybody that we are running out of "power" and creating wind, solar, wave powered plants would take a long time compared to the coal which is easy to make and thus would provide solution for the impending power shortage.

But, I saw online that coal is much more expensive because of it's by product. And that there is never a "clean coal".

Clean or not my heart feels coal shouldn't be here. I do hope our country will go even more "greener". Meanwhile... i'll just do things in my own little way. And continue sharing the movie 11th Hour... reduce my carbon footprint in every possible way...

the 2011 Forecast of Doreen Virtue is really coming to fruition..... Lightworkers.... who are close to the government I implore you to take one bold step to make it done.....

Note: While I was making this article there were no statements made that the coal powered plant would be in Davao City. But, I heard it has a second option which is already approved and that is Sta. Cruz.

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Raft3r said...

wow naman
exotoruism in davao

happy easter, tina

btw, can you send me an sms?
globe, as usual, screwed up and invalidated my sim

lost all my contacts


Anonymous said...

glad to learn you care about the environment :)

Unfortunately, there is a price to pay to have a cleaner environment. We all have to invest in clean energy which costs more money to produce. But we shall get there someday and I hope it will be sooner than later ;)

Claire said...

i'll definitely take a look at that movie, "11th Hour." thanks for letting me know about it!

dimaks said...

the sense of sustainable planning and development is really a must in every city growth.

you got great aspirations for your city :) keep it up.

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