Tuesday, May 03, 2011

taking a LEAP of FAITH

I would quote my Angel Snippets blog for this: "Life has a way of surprising you without really surprising you."

If the weekend of Earth was something short of magical what with the wedding of the century happening (and me missing out on the kiss at the balcony because I was in the workshop of my life.).... and also with the news that Osama died.... (a reason for mature reflection and some repose....)... my weekend was just beginning to unfold.......

It was as if some unmistakable divine force weaved it's awesome power and managed to pull me in with the flow and join POSIBLE+ LEAP 48.

I was reluctant during the last minute. I reserved my place last January but my fears got ahead of me and I didn't submit to the pre-coaching. But, in the end with pre-coaching or not, a little nudge from the Universe made me LEAP.

What made me join?

In the "embrazzo" of the FLEX Teens where my brother joined, the parents of teenagers convened (whom we really know well ganged up on me and my mom). They were saying: "Join LEAP!!! so that we are together... so that Davao will have a lot of representative."

Say: "Bye, Bye to your brain!" they would say over and over again. But, what struck me was.... Tito Leo Avila's question: "Look, we all have a vision and dream for Davao, right?"

And my heart jumped and it actually brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I have dreams for Davao... and here I am presented with an opportunity to make my life better and I am hesitating?

and so... I said: "yes". But, with a doubt... well.. mhmm not exactly that.. I was SCARED!!!!

with all my fabulous encouragement, my uplifting words..... i was merely projecting to my inner self.... because I AM SCARED! I have heart loaded with fears..... oh dear me!

Also.. the recent weekend made me realize a lot of things.... yes, I know a lot.... yes, I've read about things... and somehow with all the trainings I've had... I've become jaded. It's like: "yeah, yeah.... I know all of that."

But, then the weekend made me confront my inner fears.... and also my blockages. I was withholding love ... therefore I can't give anyone that yet.

I thought I have gone through the process of forgiveness already... but my heart still grieves. I just denied the whole thing.... oh dear... I made a shortcut to the game.. and now the game is trying to shortcut me. So... instead from now on.... I'm gonna be true to the game! Be more honest with how I am feeling... and be more in touch with myself....

But, now I found a community where I can be safe.... where the fear of being judged is non-existent.... where I can be myself... to my buddy Ate Claire, my Bizu council, my coaches (coach Bong and Coach Jic) and the rest of the coaches, to my POSIBLE+LEAP 48 batchmates... let's all do this together and be 100%!!

with love and blessings... to the
5 Facilitators + 1 Headcoach + 13 Coaches + 100+OCs + 57 New Leapers = ♥ ♥ ♥ POSIBLE+LEAP48 - reposted from Head Coach Charette! ;)

Note: I posted the picture of our class shirt which made a ruckus over at Facebook and Twitter. Everyone wanted to buy it because it's actually fab! (I got 2! will be adding more colors to my collection. Mwahahahaha). Here's a story from Head Coach Charette behind the success of these shirts... Effective shirt selling.


Anonymous said...

Actually I like shirts and I like the minimalistic print on it! FAB!

Claire said...

wow, that's really deep. and i really appreciate that quote.

Nortehanon said...

Hey Little Sis!

So happy that you're into activities like this. I may not be from Davao but I also have dreams for Davao...well...for the whole Philippines :) Go Davao!

Ganda naman ng shirt—design and message. I would love to have one! :) Paano ba?

tina said...

Charles: yeah... its really FAB! one reason i joined because of the shirts! weee.

Claire: yeah. thanks. :)

Ms. N: hi sis!!! mhmmmm.. sige ill email you about the shirt. :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

mmm, that quote kinda says it all. i'm happy to hear the 1st feelings of reluctance didn't last too long and you got the ball rolling for yourself. divine forces are like intuition and a good solid YES feels so good and empowering. it sounds like such a supportive environment, cheers to many swell times ahead. and thanks a bunch for the sweet comment you left for me, glad you like the shelf life series! ♥

Raft3r said...

my 3 fave words: yes, you can!

tins, happy mom's day sa mommy mo!

see you soon?

Shamisen said...

Dattebayo! Such ruckus is awesome! The shirts are so cool too!

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