Monday, May 09, 2011

FLEX Orientation

6 months ago I took FLEX (Foundations of Leadership Excellence).

FLEX is a two-day workshop where you can learn about the fundamental principles of leadership, success and peak performance. Our goal is to bring out the leader in you: your empowered Self that is responsible for the choices you make, and is committed to personal growth as well as the growth of those around you. FLEX will heighten your awareness of the negative belief systems that hinder you from actualizing your highest possibilities, and provide you with options, tools and techniques to shift those paradigms. When this shift occurs, ordinary people begin producing extraordinary results.

This training allowed me to be more forgiving about other people, to understand myself and also understand others... know where they may be coming from... and also thinking out of the box where all the answers lie!

Since then, I have embarked on a journey with "a world that works with no one left out".

Now, I am inviting you to this journey.... with a loving community....

From what I heard.. one of Manny Pacquiao's secret to success revealed at one of the interviews aside from his unwavering faith and humility was that he surrounds himself with positive people.

Here is your chance to build a community of positive people with dreams for Philippines and the future..... in whatever arena you may be.....

This is a video my batchmates of LEAP 48 POSIBLE + made inviting you of our upcoming workshop this May 21-22.....

Save the dates!


on MAY 11 and MAY 18. 7pm.
OCCI 6thFloor, Emerald Building, Ortigas Jr. Road.

Just say, with love... Kristina Suelto invited you to join a life-changing workshop. :)

Here in Davao.. we are still coming up with a plan whether we would have an orientation or not.

But our FLEX schedule in Davao would be on May 21-22, 2011.

So... see you there and the grander version of you!!!

You can share this video to someone who needs it.... and holla at me over at Facebook or drop an email that you are joining the free orientation and have you listed.

Have a wonderful week!!! :)


Golfers.golfer said...

There are some people that for me, are just so difficult to forgive. They are the kind that has done injustice to a lot of people.

Kenneth Porio said...

Long time no comment!

I wish I was here at that event. But anyways, I hope you could drop by at my blog and have some linky love since I've been busy all the time.

Read my very interesting posts about I.T. since I might make a tech blog/vlog sometime this June/July.

See you there! God Bless!

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