Thursday, January 24, 2008

What I Miss: TV Shows

So, I have stated Cartoon Series I missed this time it's the TV Shows. One of the reasons I go home early was because of the TV shows that awaits me at home before. Here are my favorite TV Shows when I was still young...

  • Highlander - Ahhh.. I don't remember much about this.. but I remember waiting for this when I was young.
  • Young Hercules - The young one that starred Ryan Gosling. He was my crush back then... was shocked to see him at The Notebook.
  • Xena - well... I loved Hercules. expect me to like Xena as well.
  • Saved By The Bell - Old School! Woo. I really enjoyed watching this. I think this was done during weekdays... like 5:30. By that time, I'm home. Shown at Studio 23
  • Flipper - One reasons I love dolphins was because of this series. :) I love it when Studio 23 have their marathons of Flipper during Holy Week.
  • Baywatch - I love people-saving-people series. This series made me want to be a lifeguard as well. Pero.. malabo. I don't swim. Muwahaha.
  • Are you afraid of the Dark? - the Midnight Society... I always catch up with this every Friday at Studio 23. :)
  • Rescue 911 - at RPN 9. As I've said I love to watch people-saving-people series... I wait for this every Sunday! And.. I was soo thrilled when we finally had our own 911 Station.
  • How Did They Do That? - I learned lots of things from this show and most stories they have are interesting. I even bought a book entitled "How Did They Do That?".
  • Just Kidding! - Love to watch the pranks made at Just Kidding! :)
  • Seventh Heaven - "When I see their happy faces smiling down at me...Seventh Heaven..."

Local TV Shows
  • Hirayamanawari - I really wake up early for this show.. Love the values you would get from here... hehe. "Hirayamanawari.. mga pangarap natin.. ating abutin."
  • Bayani - I like this as well. It's like history class all over again. <3>
  • Sineskwela - I love Science. :)
  • Okatokat -
  • Calvento Files - Everything's true. The tune they play in every crime is eerieee...
  • GMIK
and other shows I have yet to remember.

What old TV shows do you remember watching? :)

Photo Source: Retrojunk
(this was in my drafts for 6 months I just decided to post it).


aCey said...

tina! i am familiar with most of those tv shows, too! :)

this post just reminded me of parts of my childhood--those parts spent before the tv. haha. lol.

orange said...

hi! i love watching okidokidok with babalu :)

ARIANNE said...

hello! hehe. i miss you sis! ;)
fave ko din ang seventh heaven. and addicted ako dati sa Xena.. i also loved hirayamanawari :P memorized ko ang song dun! :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nakakamiss Sineskwela, Hirayamanawari, Bayani pati na rin Math Tinik. I miss those educational shows.

I also miss those cartoons that ABS aired when I was still a kid. Kakaadik panoorin yung mga yun.

Angelo said...

hey Tina! I used to watch a few of those shows too. I didn't realize young hercules was Ryan Gosling. I remember "are you afraid of the dark" that was really old wasn't it? I used to watch Bayani when I was there, to learn Philippine history, and although I didn't watch Hirayamanawari I still remember the catchy opening. I miss watching MGB with Noli de Castro...

Have a great weekend!

Lealove said...

Omg :)) I'm so familiar with the local shows. I remember Batibot the most. Ha ha. :)) I remember someone giving me a shirt with batibot in it :)) Hay. memories. :))

Anonymous said...

I miss Hercules, Young Hercules and Xena. Those are the shows that I usually watch when I was in hs and early college

tutubi philippines said...

my own list would have looked like that too in addition to others :P

more into NGC and discovery these days plus some travel showsonlate night tv

ann said...

Ilan lang ang kilala ko sa mga sinabi mo. Pag sinabi ko yung panahon ko baka mapailing ka at walang matandaan...hehehe.

Happy weekend!

beejing said...

Oka tokat was one of my faves. and oh... are you afraid of the dark too. I could still remember my fridays that I have to eat my dinner as fast as I could just to be on the right viewing spot for the tv. lol.

Mari said...

That's funny. Wanting to be a lifeguard, but can't swim. Cracked me up.

Ethyl Alcohol said...

I kinda miss those local tv shows. I used to watch sineskwela, and matinik before, and of course my favorite, Bayani. :)

flo said...

Hercules was pretty cool (in the beginning) but Xena was a lot better :)

Sidney said...

I was not allowed to watch TV...

lazarus said...

i used to watch "batibot", and "yagit".

Fave cartoons include Dragon Ball, Ghostfighter, Justice League, X-men.

Mon said...

I love X-men, Xena, Conan, Yaiiba, and Mr. Bogus.

zherwin said...

uncanny x-men, x-file, ghostfighter and early on (meaning in the 80s) Misfits of Science, airwolf, macgyver, and all the game shows ($1M chance of a lifetime is the best).

and shaider and bioman din pala hihihi.

ghee said...

hmm,konti lang yata ang familiar sa akin,hehe.

but really,kaka miss nga ang mga dating tv series,cartoons and everything :)

btw,i got you tagged Tina,pls check my site,ok?



Anonymous said...

hello tin... love watching young hercules and zena din before... addict pud ko sa hiraya manawari, bayani ug, sineskwela...and mathinik... and power rangers.. hehehe...

dimaks said...

bakit walang batibot at mcgyver? hehe

RV said...

Cool. We used to watch the same shows. LOL. Ack, the childhood memories are just coming back! LOL

I really miss the cartoons though. The morning ones like Julio at Julia and the one with the dog named Patrash (sp?).

Sorry for the long dormancy, just got a little busy moving here.

Michelle said...

Everybody remembers this show and loves it. Silly and campy as it was, it was good.


psyche said...

I miss Young Hercules...I really like that show...As a fan of Greek Mythology story I appreciate every episode of it...

val said...

i miss TGIS :D
and Seventh Heaven, Saved by the Bell, Power Rangers...

kaka miss tlga..

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