Thursday, January 17, 2008

Free Blog

Creating a Blog for free.

To blog is to share your thoughts. Blogging has so many uses. It liberates you of your thoughts, and you don't have to bottle every feeling you have. There are lots of blogging software available but I will introduce you to one. It's the newest in town and that's If you want to create another alternative blog with a different community.

They would allow you to meet people and share your thoughts with them. They have unlimited bandwidth (now that's cool!), you need not worry about your space. You can share your videos, pictures and podcasts to everybody too. You can also participate in community forums and also live group discussions. You would be sure that joining is 100 percent free. Just as long as you are age 14 and older. You can also add friends to your account. It's a blogging community and network community rolled in one. You can choose to have your profile private or one that can be viewed by your friends or by everybody who happens to drop by. They have a user rating system that would allow your fellow members to rate each of your photos, blog posts, video and podcasts blogs. They would calculate a weighted average to determine their most active members with high average user ratings and they would be eligible to win an all expense paid retreat to a fun new location every year. (Yay!!! That is soo just cool!).

Create a Free Blog Now. Check their Terms of Use.

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