Friday, January 18, 2008

Flying this January

"January... I'd learn to fly."

I can't believe it. My days are not idle anymore. Everyday I have so much to-do's and so many things to follow-up on compared to last year.

They say if you want something to change you have to intend it. And so I did and days started to change dramatically.

I have sooo many ideas in my mind zipping and zapping, popping and cracking every second I want to burst! Okay, that's the first exaggeration I have this year. Muwahaha. But, really. I wanted soo much to accomplish a lot of things. I don't wanna be idle. I'm delegating stuffs I used to do to my brother and sister and in turn they can use the computer because of that.

My sister, Darlene is spending sooo much time in the P.C. whenever I am not around (which is basically most of the time) watching Asianovelas. I tease her about it. I'm not against it or anything I just tease her a lot. hehe. Anyway, since she's spending most of her time in front of the P.C., I decided to make a Multiply account for our own business. It's a business made for fun and another venue to meet more people and help them out.

I honestly don't want to join the Multiply bandwagon at first but then just to make her days in front of the P.C. worth it, I decided(with my sister's help of course) to set it up. There you have it - it's We Have It. Still trying to learn the craft over there. It's worth a try though.

I delegated my "burning business" to her as well.

I'm also meeting sooo much people this time. From stores to seminars. I am enjoying every second of it. Yes, I do get tired by the end of the day but the feeling of having accomplished something is worth it. Rather than sitting around the house like a potted plant or something.

My mom on the other hand is getting a lot of offers for her trainings. I'm her Talent Manager and Personal Assistant by the way and so if you want to have her in front of you, just contact me. I bought "guest books" for her trainings, so that we could monitor who attended her training and all that. So far, her trainings are free as of the moment but people are asking if they have to pay and my mom is considering for a paid seminar one of these days.

Aside from January being productive it is also an "EXPOSé month". Where people close to us are exposed and revealed in a good way and it is to help them.

So far, I'm enjoying flying with January. There are obstacles along the way, but I'm flying my way around it. It's like life is handing me lemons and then before throwing it back you suck as much vitamin C as you can. You have to take what is essential, learn from the lessons (Vitamin C) and don't dwell too much on the obstacle but the solution. :)

QOTD: We're switching to a more productive coffee-break paradigm.

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acey said...

wow, busy body!!! :) i hope all goes well for you tina. and yes, i'd love to visit you in davao someday. :)

pam said...

naku si tina. hehehehe. =D busy na naman.

goodluck girl! xD

Win $250 said...

Good luck, Enjoy the trip.

sUmMeR said...

wow ^__^ busy girl dyud ka :)

well I wish you all the best on your careers :D hehe. parang ang dami kasi :) and hope you'll be happy on whatever activities you are in... 'coz that is really important... and don't forget to take care of yourself too :)


sasha said...

You sure are busy as a bee, Tina! Enjoy every minute of it :) Ganyan talaga especially of you are passionate about what you do.

Take care always.

Happy weekend! :)

Ferd said...

It's always fun to always have something to do. But at the same time, I make sure I always have an idle time as well, whether it's just sound tripping or reading a book once a week. :D

Ferdz said...

Love the simple layout by the way

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed of you being a career girl! Goodluck to all your endeavours gurl!

Mon said...

Ako naman I want to slow down my pace. HAAAYY... kapagod.

tina said...

Acey: hehe. yeah.. thanks

Pam: Haha. oo nga eh. Salamat

Win $250: Thanks...

Summer: Thank you.. daghan diod super. I always choose to be happy. lisod na pag dili.. and thanks for the reminder.. ill balance it all out.

Ate Sasha: Yup.. will do.

Ferdz: yay. nice. reading a book. i love that too..

Chase: Thanks!!!

Mon: ok rin yan. will do that... when Im burned out... hehehe.