Saturday, January 05, 2008


As most of you are aware our Mediterranean Cruise was canceled. One thing that thrilled me about the said trip was our supposed to be stop-over in Rome for 5 days after the said cruise. Anyway, they rescheduled the trip early this year, I am not sure when and where but one of the possible places that we would visit would be Rome.

Speaking of Rome and if you have plans visiting Rome I know of a couple name Mauro and Paula in this internet world who can help you with your tour and stay and also your Rome accommodation. You can consult to them about leisure travel in Italy since they live there and even better if it's about Rome since they reside there. So they actually know what they are talking about. You can be assured that those hotels they refer to you are of you quality. They've been to all of them and they know what's best and what would fit the accommodation you envision. The hotels on their list are all set in the very heart of their ancient historical centre. You can search hotels by their rating whether they are a 5 star hotel or lower. If you also want it on a specific location, it's indicated as well. Try them and they will find the perfect hotel that would suit you. Also feel free to browse their website for more info - > Rome Hotels.

They also have a page for car transfers if you want one at your own convenience.

You can refer to them if you want to stay on some of Rome apartments too.

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Spence said...

Thanks for the info! 4 years ago I was standing in Piazza del Popolo, dumbstruck and downright amazed that I'm in the holy city of Rome! And I'd love to be back there anytime. Damn I wanna graduate and earn bigtime and travel! Hehe.