Sunday, January 13, 2008

Family Sites

Families loves memories. Families loves mementos. Families love to tell each other stories. Families love to share histories.

We all love to hear different stories of our grandparents, uncles, cousins and aunts?
Approaching the 21st century and the boom of Internet / Information Technology, it is always best to stay updated online. Wouldn't it be lovely if there is one common Family Website that your family would visit? That is where you get to share stories, family values and old pictures.

It's one great LEGACY to leave behind. Family Crossings is a great place to leave those stories, pictures and values behind for everybody in your family to see. Each family has a story. Family Crossings is where you get to see Family Websites at it's best.

You can share special family recipes, health remedies, family traditions, announce family news, tips about parenting, plan a family vacation, knowing what gifts to give, and history. Create a family database that would contains gift lists, and one that sends birthday reminders and finds shipping addresses with just a click. You can also create a historical time line that would show you important family dates. You can also hold live family chats with it.

Worried about security? Fret not. Family Crossings makes your security Number 1! I'm sure you don't want strangers to know your story and addresses. Know more about Security ->> HERE.

They have the free version which is Ad Supported and it has 150 mb storage and unlimited stores. If you don't want advertisements you can apply for the premium version which has 250Mb of storage and that's where you get to pay $9.95 per month.

What are you waiting for ? Sign up now.

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