Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tag along

From: Summer

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Adding the Five: Siyete, Dabawenya Babe, Ate Sasha, Chez Francine, and Lady Norms

Add the five to the first list and then add another five on your next post. Thanks.


Ate Gladys said...

nagawa ko na :)..dun ka bisita sa online rants ko angel.

Dun ko to pi-nost.. thanks.

sasha said...

Tina, pa-change na lang to http://myownutopia.info :) This is one of my newest blogs hehe... Salamat sa tag! :)

Norm said...

may tag pala ako dito, hehehe I did this tag already pero gawin ko pa rin para sayo, take care

Blogoloco - Win $250 said...

Tagging is a work of art.

Ethyl Alcohol said...

it's like a chain. :) looks fun. :)

ghee said...

ive got a tag for technorati,and this one is for PR?haha

its like a decease :)

hello Tina!

ann said...

Taka pa ako bakit andyan name ko, may nag tag nga pala skin nyan dati at di ko pa nagagawa...hehehe.