Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Looking for someone?

Try - the best people search on the Web.

Spock launched their private Beta last April 2007 and now they are ready and confident to show you that Spock is not just another website. Spock is a search application that would help you find friends and colleagues. If you join the said website you can build your own search network to look for anyone you know who is on the internet.

So, whenever you search, would personalize whatever your results so that they can include information about your friends and colleagues or whoever you were looking for. You can also enhance your search experience even further by establishing a trust relationship with other people who are on Spock. By connecting with trusted contacts you will be able to search within their network to rediscover people you've lost touch with and make new acquaintances through friends.

So, this is basically a social community site and a people search website rolled into one.

Of course, I needed to try it. I signed up and got to use Spock's search engine. And, it's a wow!

You see, you don't just search using the name of your friend, you can search using whatever it is they are currently doing now. And I tried to type in "fashion designer".

And out comes that result (just click the link above).

You can also type in places like say for example "Philippines": (Below you will see a flash widget for the search result).

I am actually having fun during my stay there. Searching for programmers, Bill Gates came first on the line.

One thing good about searching there is that they help you specify your search. If you type in Philippine a lot of specifications would drop down giving you an idea of how to specify it. On the right side there are also some ideas to narrow your search.

They already received industry acclaim and awards from respected technology luminaries. Spock was also selected as one of PC Magazine's "Top 25 Websites to Watch" in 2007.

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