Saturday, January 19, 2008

Catching Up

It's so good to catch up with friends once in awhile. Everyone's so busy after graduation(and that includes me!), doing this and that and we rarely meet. But, I'm so glad we got to catch up with each other awhile ago.

We had our meeting for our yearbook. Our scheduled pictorial was in conflict with one of my mom's training, but I'll rig this one up.

We ate at Krua Thai because we were starving. We had a bit of trouble when it came down to ordering because we were used to single orders or rice meals but nevertheless we tried delicacies that looks yum. I thought Krua Thai's not that good because the one in SM was something I did not like, but this branch is YUM. But, what I like about the restaurant was the "Halo Halo". It's big and cheap - only 75 pesos. It has two ice cream scoops. Yay!

Photo Source: Krua Thai


Angelo said...

mmmmmmm Halo-Halo...

Ethyl Alcohol said...

Yummy halo-halo!

Magkakaron naman kami ng reunion next week with my elementary batchmates. Excited na ko. :)

Mari said...

Geez, it's 12 midnight here and what I had for dinner is now gone, and I'm longing for that halo-halo you have pictured. It iiiis yummy looking.

Have a great weekend.

aCey said...

wow, tina, that looks gooooood! :)

pam said...

mura na. xD

ang sarap! hehehehe!

philippine dragonfly said...

sarap nyan thai halo-halo

tina said...

Kuya Angelo: mmm..

Ethyl: Wow! Enjoy it!

Mari: it sure is!

Acey: it sure does look good! :)

Pam: that's what's good.. its cheap and yum

Philippine Dragonfly: Hehe .. oo nga eh. balik kami dun next time.

t3ss4 said...

Hmmm... 'di ba expensive sa Krua Thai? Never tried eating there pa.

Mmm... Halo-halo :) Sa Chowking yung pinakagusto ko na special halo-halo eh... Masubukan nga next time ;))

Mon said...

Masarap ang halo halong may langka!!! makikigaya ako... "mmmmm"

Cielo said...

yummy halohalo & chikka with friends....galing ng bonding moments

LivingSouL said...

Hello Tina.. :D

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