Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I have a new layout... inspired by Nay Joy's song which can be seen from this post. Nice song and quite catchy. And very fitting for the new year :)

Our schedule for the title defense would be this January 18. *gah* We were asked to prepare 3 titles, if one gets rejected we have 2 more titles that would act as a back up. Nervy nervy. -_-

Renel: My gawd! You look soo cute! Anong breed ka? (referring to Giovanne)
Giovanne: Breed ?
Renel: French breed, Garlic breed...

Giovanne: Iinom na ako ng tsa-a. Ito ay nakabubuti.
Avy: *snickers* A crowned princess does not have chubby fingers.
Giovanne: I'm wearing gloves.
Jona: Ang laki naman.

Vanessa: Ill have a coffee shop. It would be called THE COFFEE SHOP.
Giovanne: Hmm.. parang pinag-isipan talaga ang title ahh...

Jhonnel: What could be the possible title for my thesis ? (in Bisaya)
Avy: I don't know. But I have one! Automated Teller Machine.
Renel: Oh my gosh! Balik balik na... you said that four times already.
Tina: Haha. Title? Mine is "Untitled"

Which reminds me of a convo with me and my sister:

*BG music:Untitled - Simple Plan*
Darlene: What's the title of that song?
Tina: *serious* Untitled
Darlene: Tarong ba! (Be serious!!)
Tina: Untitled lagi. (Untitled nga!)
Darlene: Huh? Isulti ba. (Huh? Tell it to meee!)
Tina: Untitled nga *bulging eyes*
Darlene: Pleeassee share it to me
Tina: It's Untitled ok?
Darlene: What? Untitled? Pleaseee tell it to me.
Tina: The song's title is Untitled!!!! rawrrrr.
Soo exasperating. -_-


Arianne said...

tawa naman ako sa conversation nyo ng sis mo! hehe. :D

untitled! =P

haha good luck sis!

ill pray for you.

take care!

anyways.. may ym kb? add me naman..
arianne | Homepage | 01.10.07 - 11:07 am |

Dennis said...

hehehe katuwa naman yang usapan ng sis mo very interesting template to suit the new year. thanks for sharing!
dennis | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 12:21 am |

Iskoo said...

maganda ang layout mo, bagay sa iyong kagandahan
iskoo | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 1:55 am |

Nona said...

lol! kaaliw ang convo mo with sis.
Untitled na nga eh,...kulit bah? :D
Nice new layout Tina....and the pretty lady at avatar. *wink* soooo ladylike...
nona | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 3:10 am |

Random said...

your sister is funny.hahahaha.

nice layyie!
pam | 01.11.07 - 3:33 am | #

wahahahah! nakakatawa naman yung convos!
tin | | 01.11.07 - 4:13 am | #

awts.. ang kulit naman nun! hehe

thanks for the good reads sis!
katia** | 01.11.07 - 5:16 am | #

oi tina.. kabalo ka.. kami ra makasabot sa convos namo.. hehe mali imong interpretation dri.. toink.. :P

ug sa February 22, 23, 24 ang defense..
avy | 01.11.07 - 6:52 am |

Joy said...

bwahaha... natawa ako dun sa "untitled"!
joy | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 8:02 am |

Ferdz said...

Hahaha! Ang kulit! "Untitled" nga! Hehehe. Cool new layout! :D
Ferdz | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 9:38 am |

Glenna said...

nice layout nice post din. lalo na yun convo nyo ng sis mo.. nakakatuwa.
glenna | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 9:49 am |

Cruise said...

haha untitle ba talaga yung title? bakit? hehehe. joke! natawa ako dito sa usapan nyp magkapatid.
cruise | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 10:23 am |

Ychel said...

ahihi..nakita ko din ang comment box. naduleng ako kagabi sa kahahanap nito hindi ko makita.ngloloko pala!asus..goodluck tina! take care.tnx. =)
ychel | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 3:26 pm | #

Gravatar funny post :P nicey layie
ychel | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 3:27 pm |

Ann said...

Parang noong unang magpa register ako sa clinic dito. Sabi nung arabo sa husband ko, "What's her name?" Sabi ni hubby, "Anna". "No, not yours, her name?" "Yes, Anna". Matagal na kulitan din bago may nakarinig sa kanila at pinaliwanag. Yun pala yung 'ana' sa arabic means 'mine.'
ann | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 7:44 pm |

Anonymous said...

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