Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In pursuit of Happiness

A lot of people wants to be happy. If you ask people around you about what they really want in this world, mostly they would tell you: "I want to be happy". It's like they believe there is a place called "Happy" located in the map, and that they need to reach it. It seems like a faraway land to most.

But then happiness is not a place where you need to go (just like heaven and hell and that's another story.. I dont want to venture as of now.) , it's not a place that can be found in the world. In fact, you don't have to go anywhere or have "something" or have "someone" to find happiness.

It exists within you - in your mind and in your soul. - M. Hansen.

Can you define HAPPINESS in just one word? Guess not. It does not have one definition. Since every individual is unique, it means something entirely different to each person. Happiness does not exist in only the big things in life. It does not ruminate around an ipod or the latest gadget you acquired.

So where does one find happiness?

BEING happy. And i mean BE-ing HAPPY is a choice. It's a state of mind, an attitude we consciously choose to express. It's not a gift that would fall into your lap or that would knock at your doorstep. It's not what circumstances brings you (e.g. having a car, being with someone) it's how you see things the HAPPY way. It's not the RESULT but it's how you perceive the circumstances/situations. It's not because everything is so perfect but despite the imperfections you are happy.

The world may seem imperfect to most of you, people may seem unfair, parents may seem inconsiderate, friends may abandon you at one moment in time, lovers disappointing you, kids on the street going hungry, people in Africa getting AIDS, terrorists killing innocent people, politicians fooling the masses, graft and corruption, pain and poverty.

And you ask... "Where can i find HAPPINESS if this is the world I am living in?"

You need not wait for the world to turn away from what people call imperfections. Because you see we all need IMPERFECTIONS in order to appreciate PERFECTION. How can we say this is perfect if there is no imperfection? How can we say you are doing something good without the existence of evil? How can we say it's hot if there's no cold? Beauty without the beast ?

You need not rely on someone else to be happy, only you can be responsible for that. Accept the world, accept who you ARE completely the perfections and the imperfections... and make changes if you want to.

So where does one find happiness exactly?

Again, you need not wait for the big things to happen. Happiness can be found in simple things. Happiness can be found in the aroma of a coffee, the morning dew, the rainy Sundays you spend indoors or if you'd rather sing and dance in the rain. A silly joke that can make you laugh everytime you remember it. A movie or a song that enlightens you and gives you peace of mind. A character in a book or a movie that you can relate to. Watching kids smile... seeing the lone flower in the dusty road.. the little act of kindness...

You can make the smallest thing or scene, like the moon in the sky or the first rays of sunshine into a joyful experience.

Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself.

We don't need a reason to be happy. Everything hath been given by GOD it is up to you to notice the simplicity and the joy it brings.... even when there seems to be nothing.

Share it... live it...love it. Happiness is a lifestyle... and you can't help but share it to other people as well.


Sa Wari ko said...

In one of my conversations with Bro. Vince, he told me the same thing.

It is a state of mind.

Unfortunately, it is something I still waiting, not to feel but to understand.

Nice post, btw.

Sa Wari Ko | Homepage | 01.16.07 - 1:33 am |

Random said...

bright thoughts.. indeed, happiness comes from within
dimaks | Homepage | 01.16.07 - 3:07 am | #

Very well said Tina. Wala na akong maidadagdag pa.
tin | Homepage | 01.16.07 - 4:13 am | #

Yeap. Totoo. It's always the simple things that make some people happy. As in, happy na happy. =)
Pot | Homepage | 01.16.07 - 7:05 am |

Lalaine said...

wow.sna sing galing tau mag-english hehe... oh well, about happiness, yeah its really up to you noh. xempre ikaw may alam kung anu gusto mo dba? pero xmpre may mali nnaman ako kaya di ko na maxado idedefend answer ko kasi prang mdjo mali din e hehe
lalaine | Homepage | 01.16.07 - 8:34 am |

Random said...

nice post hehe.. really.. happiness is happiness heheh xD
monic | Homepage | 01.16.07 - 1:25 pm | #

ang insightful mo naman.. ..yeah..who doesn't want to be happy?..sometimes tayo din ang nagpipigil na maging happy tayo e... hehehe
chino | 01.16.07 - 2:57 pm | #

hmm. sometimes, im thinking just the same. that its a state of mind.. but then, diba.. when your heart's not feeling it.. mahirap talaga.

basta. =) hehe. oo na, happy na ako. lalo na pag lagi ka nagvivisit sa blog ko at nagbbgay ng advice.=P hehe.

arianne | Homepage | 01.16.07 - 4:58 pm |

Angelo said...

Wow Tina, you're very wise for your age! I know some people who go through a lifetime without realizing what you alreday know. Good for you, excellent insights! To your happiness, Cheers
Angelo | Homepage | 01.17.07 - 12:46 am |

Random said...

i love yah dear!

soOoooo can relate. as in..inspirational post.hehe.
pam | 01.17.07 - 6:52 am | #

nasabi mo na lahat!

stay happy always...
mousey | 01.17.07 - 7:38 am |

Random said...

yeah,I do agree,Tina..very well said and I dont have anything to add
nice post,gurl!!

i love your new template,Tina!esp the header with butterfly :D
ghee | Homepage | 01.17.07 - 8:43 am | #

Hello Tina. Another good post.

For me happiness is contentment or satisfaction. And I can say I am satisfied with what I have now.
ann | Homepage | 01.17.07 - 10:47 am |

Ferdz said...

I'm like reading an inspirational book. And somehow this day I felt at a low for some reason. Thank you reminding that happiness is a choice. But sometimes you can't just ignore sadness at times. There are answers there as well. Like what's keeping one from being happy?

Thanks for sharing
Ferdz | Homepage | 01.17.07 - 11:07 am |

Iskoo said...

i totally agree that being happy is a choice. i have experienced it. pwede akong maging talunan pero pwede ko ring isipin na happy ako kahit di ko nakukuha lahat ng gusto ko
iskoo | Homepage | 01.17.07 - 11:19 am |

Nona said...

Yes, very true Tina...nasa tao kung paano niya i-appreciate ang mga bagay na nasa paligid niya...if what makes him/her happy.
Good insight...keep posting. *hugs*
nona | Homepage | 01.17.07 - 11:32 pm |

L.A. said...

yeah be happy!

like me am gay(which has a double meaning me being gay and me being happy) haha hapiness is by choice if u want to be happy just be happy...right?
L.A | Homepage | 01.17.07 - 11:59 pm |

Treserbry said...

wow. ang galing.

It is really a matter of choice. when you succumb/submit yourself darkness/ sadness, you will not be happy. you might get infuriated with yourself. tsk.

Gnon ung nangyari sa akin. haha. pero, ang galing nio eh,... (ikaw, arianne, glenna, karmi)

i just realized that sometimes when a person is holding on, he/she will never see the light.

salamat. :D
tresebry | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 1:36 am |

Random said...

Happiness is being satisfied... you cannot be happy if you're not satisfied...
Richmond | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 3:11 am | #

Gravatar Yes, happiness is a state of mind.
I tried to imagine that I was happy once, even though I had a lot of problems. It did sorta work, I felt good.

Nice entry
Patty | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 7:16 am | #

Gravatar kalagot oi.. dli ko ka tag sa shoutbox.. rawr.. anyway.. i-click to akong echus skemamu ha..
Avy | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 7:20 am |

Random said...

Oh yes, If I may add, if you want happiness in life, learn the art of contentment but of course, dont forget to render your best in everything.
dimaks | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 9:49 am | #

cant think of life without happiness. and God made it available for us to enjoy all we have to do is avail that priviledge. it a choice i think
cruise | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 12:10 pm |

Ychel said...

hi tina! well i believe in wat u have written. me i love simple things and that makes me happy. as well as na paginiisip mo at nanggagaling sa puso mo ang magagandang bagay i guess it will make u feel better and happy. ah basta kelangan masaya tyo..daan ka ulit sa blog ko pag may time ka ha..hehe! salmat sa tag at comment. take care.mwah
ychel | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 4:25 pm | #

Gravatar ooppss..i gave ur url to boo..i told him to visit it and read ur posts..he said he enjoys it and they are very good. :P he even leave u a tag! the one hu is named Dluv :P si boo ko yun..haha!
ychel | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 4:28 pm |

Ann said...

ang ganda nman ng explanation mo about the true meaning of happiness,,,for me also,, simplicity is one of the great source of true hapiness,,,keep it up tina....
arn | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 8:15 pm |

Richard said...

happiness comes from within. The feeling of contentment and the indwelling of peace from Jesus make our life very fulfilling and wonderful. someone said laugh and the world laughs within you. cry and you cry alone. life is checkered with sunshine and shadows. how you handle these ups and downs in life with Jesus by your side makes the difference cling to your Savior and your life will be a happy one..
richard | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 8:52 pm |

Sidney said...

Wise words! It seems you found the secret of happiness!
Sidney | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 10:13 pm