Friday, January 12, 2007

Traffic Lights

Two weeks ago our old traffic lights here in Davao was replaced by new ones. They had the dry-run. Everybody noticed it. The new traffic lights caused too much traffic in the dry-run. I think the motorists were just adjusting and in the long run the new traffic lights would then be to our advantage. Just now, I was checking my Google Alerts I have in my gmail. I actually signed up for it. This Google Alert, would alert me about anything that is happening in the Philippines and in Davao in case I won't have any chance of watching the news.

Anyway, my eye caught this headline -> "Davao's new traffic system is "Asia's most modern"

Davao’s new traffic signalization system, despite experiencing dry run problems, is the most modern in Asia, a traffic management official here said.

The P140-million traffic system was implemented on Dec. 19, but Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ordered its suspension days after it created traffic jams in some of the city’s major intersections.

Gempesaw said other Asian cities installed traffic systems much earlier and are now just upgrading technology. In the 1990s, he said, Cebu’s traffic system was the most modern in the country.

The system will be run via a command center using video cameras in intersections. It is thus capable of watching out for traffic violators on camera.

Gempesaw said four US-based consultants of the contractor are expected to arrive this week to help fine-tune the system.

“No matter how modern the system is, there would be a problem if the people are not attuned to it,” he said.

Gempesaw said they are preparing information and education modules to inform the public, especially those in barangays, about the new traffic system.

Woo. So the traffic lights are even better than I thought it would be. You see, it's my dream (ever since I got to visit Hong Kong and saw their traffic lights with matching sound effects) to have our traffic light upgraded and just now it began to materialize. Even better. Which actually makes sense, since if we will do some upgrading why not settle for the best ones right? It might cost a lot (just like the new streen signs. It was upgraded twice. Soo much improvement.) but then everyone in Davao should be used to such modernities. We need it guys.

Davao is much too laid-back and not exactly that modern. Mayor Digong don't leave us just yet. -_-


Nona said...

140! ang mahal, I'm sure it's worth least.
“No matter how modern the system is, there would be a problem if the people are not attuned to it,”
oo nga , sayang naman kung hindi makapag-adjust ang mga tao.
nona | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 11:18 pm | #

Gravatar first ba ako?....
nona | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 11:18 pm |

Ghee said...

wow!grabeh ang budget!ang ganda siguro ng davao ano?sayang,ang layo at wala kasi akong time.

bago na pala ang pic mo jan?cool!

thanx sa dalaw always!
ghee | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 11:39 pm |

Joy said...

grabe, sobrang ginastusan ang traffic system niyo ah! astig!
joy | Homepage | 01.12.07 - 12:44 am |

Mousey said...

uy daming new dito ha at ang cute. wow lovely lady. about traffic lights naala ko tuloy kwento nung pari na pumuntang US dati we dont use traffic lights, so nung nasa US n siya gusto niyang tumawid sa other lane pero ang bilis ng mga sasakyan wait niya kung hihinto at laht ng dumadaan nag thumb ups sa kanya naki
thumb ups din nang may duamaan na biker sinabi sa kanya pintudin mo yang button para mag stop ang mga auto. hay yun pala yung thumb ups. uy napahaba na hehe
mousey | Homepage | 01.12.07 - 3:21 am |

Dimaks said...

There is more to just installing new devices. things like system sustainability, technical support, technology and knowledge transfer plus dedication of officials and the general public users to really patronize the new system. but in any case, the 14oM worth traffic signal is a positive step for davao city. Gratz!!
dimaks | Homepage | 01.12.07 - 5:11 am |

Patty said...

A P140-million traffic system. Wow.
I've been in Davao before, and it is really different from Manila. I mean, it's so peaceful there, with all those laws and stuff (like the no smoking policy, the first rule i've heard of). Air in Davao is fresh ^_^ that's another thing I like. Haha! Plus the tricycles are bigger :D

I hope you enjoy the new traffic lights!
Patty | Homepage | 01.12.07 - 7:16 am |

Pam said...

ang galing naman!

buti pa kayo umaasenso.hehehe..
pam | Homepage | 01.12.07 - 9:14 am |

tina said...

ate nona: yup perst! haha

ate ghee: ok naman ung traffic lights.. pero di pa xa nag wo-work hanggang ngayon. ahihi.

joy: talaga. haha. buti na lng... -_-

mousey: haha ty. parang mas modern ung sa US. wala pa namang kailangan i push the button dito. haha.

dimaks: indeed. and its all in the manner of getting used to.

Patty: different. less traffic. and all that. not exactly that modern. hihi.

Pam: ahihi. na-amaze nga ako eh.
tina | Homepage | 01.12.07 - 9:28 am |

Utakgago said...

Davao is a well-organized city, that's according to Jessica Soho when I watched her documentary. The notorious Mayor Duterte ensures peace despite of religious factions arguing about the said city.

Uhh, are those traffic lights a symbol of their campaign? Malapit na ang eleksyon.


Tricky politicians. That's a POV.
utakGAGO | 01.12.07 - 3:51 pm |

Sasha said...

Late ako dito ah! Anyway, Davao is so active in bringing in modernization to the country. Way to go, Davao! Mabuti pa kayo, may mga improvements... dito sa QC ala! Laging tulog ang mayor namin! Hay...

Kailangan talagang makarating ako diyan! Heheheh
sasha | Homepage | 01.12.07 - 9:27 pm |

Angelo said...

wow great for Davao! Do the new traffic lights have sound effects too? Ingat driving Tina
Angelo | Homepage | 01.13.07 - 12:07 am |

Random said...

wow.shet., kainggit. idol ko tlga si duterte! :D
tresebry | 01.13.07 - 4:57 am | #

wow ang astig nmn ng ganyan.
and ang galing!!
raming money rin hehehe XD

have a great weekend!
monic | 01.13.07 - 1:25 pm | #

well, hu knows na mahirap nga ang pinas.haha! 140 worth of traffic lights..gosh! hehe..astig! =P
ychel | 01.13.07 - 6:06 pm | #

well, let's hope it works out for everybody's welfare. =D
Mikko | 01.13.07 - 10:25 pm |

Anonymous said...

Almost the same.

Anonymous said...

It to you a science.