Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

So, I wanted to post last January 1, 2007 but then due to a hundred unsuccesful attempts of trying to log-in I was unable to. Nyahaha. For the nth time today, I finally got to log in.

Our classes started yesterday. I have 3 subjects this term and 3 more left for me to graduate!! *Congratulate me* I'm doing the Subject THREEnity each term.

MWF - Computer Aided Accounting. Every 1-2 pm.
TTH - Thesis 1 (10-12 am) and Seminars on Technology (1-3pm)

Not bad. At least I don't have to wake up too early everyday.

I finally got to finish the COMELEC registration last Jan. 2, 2006.

It's raining cats and dogs today. (oooh.. I soo Love the weather). Since, I love it... I'm staying home. (In other words.. "skipping class") Haha. Did I mention that I love this weather when I'm snuggled up in bed and reading a book with a cup of coffee beside? Ahh.. Heaven.

Yesterday, we only have one class.. so the rest of the gang decided to watch 2 movies at home.

The gang composed ofAvy, Nessa, Renel, Pearl, and Red. Jesel, Jona and Kath just followed suit.

We watched The Devil Wears Prada and The Banquet.

And now... I'm still here in front of the PC.. doing errands (paperworks) for mom... and sending it to her business partners.

Happy new year Everyoneee... (im posting a jan. 1 2007) haha. cant help it.

Random ICST convos:

Tina: Why?
Renel: Kay greedy man xa... *explains*
Tina: Huh? (did not get the explanation)
Jesel: Greedy ba.. sa manok.
Tina: Double ha?
Kath: Whattt?
Jesel: Greedy sa manok
Kath: Manok?
Tina: Ahh,... gravy. rawrrr.

Tina: *after a korny joke*
Pearl: Tina... I thought you said... it's a new year... and no more korny jokes
Tina: Yeah... no more korny jokes... yes to super korny jokes. (Evolution is the name of the game.)

Watching Merryl Streep at the last part in her car.
Tina: What? Does she have a Multiple Personality Disorder?

Renel was locked from the outside. He kept knocking but we did not open the door. After a few minutes when the knocking stopped... we opened the door.

Jona: renel come in.
Avy: Renel.
Kath: Reneeeelll!!!
*Renel comes in with an angry face*
Jona: Uy Renel that was just a joke.
Tina: Your despidida party joke.
*Angry face still*
Renel: Give me my bag....
*uh oh we smell twable..*
Jona: That was a joke....
*everyone serious concerned face. Jesel hands out his bag.*
*Renel about to go and Jona beside the door*
Renel: Excuse me beh... Palingkuri ko. (*Excuse me. Let me sit*)
*and everyone bursted into laughter*

*noisy room while watching.. everyone talking*
Avy: Saba ra gud mo beh! (*Will you guys shut up?*)
*the room was suddenly silent*
Red: *genuinely coughs twice*
Avy: Oh naa pa diod mu ubo. (*Oh.. and then someone would cough!!!* pouts)
(Poor Red..)


Pam said...

woohoo! im first.hahaha...doing my daily rounds before i update.hehe.

ang galing naman..makakagraduate ka na.hehehe..

oh..comelec baguio sucks.hahaha.
pam | Homepage | 01.04.07 - 2:53 am |

Mikko said...

wow... about to graduate... that's way cool... :D
Mikko | Homepage | 01.04.07 - 5:01 am |

Giovanne said...

ai u watched movie pala.....hmmmm its a shame i wasn't der to enjoy the movie wid u guys....hehehehe......despidida party pa ang renel....ginamus na bayot.....hahahaha.....

ohhhh comelec compostela was and walang pila....computerized xa....hehehe.....
bluedemon | Homepage | 01.05.07 - 8:06 am | said...

howdy! buti nakahapol kau sa extended registration. anong year nyo na po?
wordplay | Homepage | 01.05.07 - 11:17 pm |

tina said...

pam: yeah.. here too!

mikko: indeed. im itching to go away.. and finish the thesis.

bluedemon: haha buti pa ang comelec compostela.. :P

wordplay: yup2x. actually 31 kami nag pass ng form.. pinabalik kami sa 2 for picture.. but they are not giving out forms anymore. :P
tina | Homepage | 01.06.07 - 3:12 am |