Saturday, January 06, 2007

Patience my dear

I am being patient about the whole sluggish-internet-i-can't-comment-sometimes-cannot-log-in-after-48-years-thing.

Really. I am patient. I did not bug PLDT about it because I know those call center agents would not know about the recent progress of those underwater people trying to fix the cables dba?

As far as I know, the Internet companies or any company affected by this thing is trying hard to fix the problem. What company would not want to fix this kind of problem anyway, specially if it would affect their sales and the people who patronizes them ?

Soooooo.. patience guys.. patience. (Actually, I'm trying to calm myself down. I've been doing stuffs for my mom sending countless of emails and scanned documents for the whole day and because of the sluggish-net... it went on and on and on and on....)

So to all ye blogger friends, If I did not comment on yerrr blogs... it means I cannot browse thy comment pageeee... beeeecausseee.... of the sluggish net..oh wait we've been over this haven't we?

Anyway, I have taken on a new project. I'm transferring all my REVIEWS from multiply to another BLOGGER hosted blog. My reviews of the books, movies, food, restaurants and anything that needs my opinion will be there. Some of the reviews are not so well.. since I just have to recall most of the books and movies I've placed there. But, the recent ones would be well "reviewed". Nyahaha. But, it's not yet completed. Wala lang dagdag trabaho.

Quote of the day: Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert E.

True. True. Imagination should not run away from you. Let your knowledge run away.. but not your imagination. -_-


Richmond said...

It always take me a very long time in reaching your blog... even before the Earthquake...

|I mean youre blog is 5 times slowere to load than other blogs... really.
Anonymous | 01.06.07 - 3:13 am | #

Gravatar Ako yung nagcomment na anonymous na yun... matagal nman talagang iload ang blog mo... hehe
Richmond | Homepage | 01.06.07 - 3:14 am |

tina said...

richmond: haha ganun? -_- blogger kasi + dami images. kaya ganun haha. pero sa inyo.. wordpress ang dali lng..
tina | Homepage | 01.06.07 - 4:02 am |

Aisha said...

ako din d ko muna tnatanung tanung ang dsl namin i mean.. i do understand bakit dhl sa earthquake e dba..
Aisha | Homepage | 01.06.07 - 4:19 am |

Treserbry said...

wow! patience is a virtue but time is gold! :D haha
tresebry | Homepage | 01.06.07 - 8:31 am |

Sasha said...

Hay, girl, everybody's affected talaga ano? Ambagal nga ng mga connections ngaun, mostly intermitent talaga. Kahit sa office ganyan. Takes us forever to access a site!

But you're right. Internet companies are doing their best to fix this problem caused by the Taiwan quake.

sasha | Homepage | 01.06.07 - 9:50 am |

Arianne said...

hay. buti na lang i dun have a problem with the connection..

dont worry sis maaayos din yan=)

and yea, i so agree with you dun sa last lines. =)
arianne | Homepage | 01.06.07 - 6:35 pm |

Richard said...

yeah right, patience is a virtue!

patince.. patience.. patience and more patience.. maaayos din yan. but wait, baka maging patient tayo nyan.. hehe. .dahil siguro sa konsumisyon.. *lol

new project? ayos!

nga pala, happy new year!!!1
richard | Homepage | 01.06.07 - 11:11 pm |

Ferdz said...

I'm also struggling with that slow PLDT DSL thing. I called them up and they said it would normalize soon after 2 weeks from the earthquake. I hope they deliver. And I hope we get a rebate.
Ferdz | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 2:10 am | #

L.A. said...

hay korek ka tina! naku pasyenxa n lng tlga...well buti nga hindi ngloloko yung wifi nmn sa smartbro dhil dyan sa earthquake n yan...ang problem e pag sa labas ko ngiinternet eh ayun...sooobrrang bbbbaggal nggg mgaaaa gaggggawin moooo unnnn saa neeett....

db ok lng yn....nga pla salamat sa laging pagvisit sa blog ko khit mabagal yung internet connection...^_^

oo nga e grabe sa 168, sooooppper crawdead haha! nakakainis nga dun minsan eh ang baho ng amoy! haha
L.A | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 3:20 am |

Pam said...

wooooohooo. patience helped me survived the comelec awhile ago.haha.they aren't freakin organized. i really hate them.hehe..

anyway, i will wait for that review of yours.hahaha.. and again,

pam | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 3:28 am |

Pot said...

Nako! Yan ang dahilan kung bakit ako nawala ng matagal.. Kala ko pa naman ok na yung DSL, inde pa rin pala..
Pot | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 3:37 am |

Seiji said...

hmmm... I had a hard time connecting on the internet too. It started when an earthquake hit Taiwan last week, if I'm not mistaken. I also had a hard time logging into my y!m aswell as to msn messenger. Deng! SO so bad connection. Fortunately, you got lots of patience I see =) can you give me some please? *lmao* Take care!
Seiji | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 5:34 am |

Katia said...

last week talaga, ang sobrang bagal.. buti nalang ngaun okay okay na.

hope you're fine sis! mwaah.. take care!
Katia** | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 5:54 am |

Wordplay said...

Graabe! Ang suwerte ng mga smart bro connectors, hindi daw sila damay sa connection problem. :P
wordplay | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 10:45 am |

Iskoo said...

ah kaya pala di mo ako napapasyalan, hehe. joke.

sa amin din medyo magal ng kaunti ang internet, sa downloading sobra obvious, sa browsing paisa isa oks lang.
iskoo | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 7:38 pm |

tina said...

kelan kaya magiging normal ang internet?

offtopic:makakarating ka rin dun, sa china yun ang pangarap ko marating ngayon
cruise | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 7:39 pm |

Rina said...

everyone's complaining about PLDT.. internet lol~

have a good week
rina | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 8:03 pm |

Pam said...

ayos naman..nakakapikon pa rin ang comelec pero..hmmm..

patience nga diba?


*hindi gumagana ang gravatar ko dito...why..?*

or baka naman gagana na..haha.
pam | Homepage | 01.07.07 - 9:45 pm |

Ann said...

You're right! More than anybody yung company mismo ang gustong maayos yung problema, sino kaya ang gustong makaresib ng mga galit lagi na tawag di ba?
ann | Homepage | 01.08.07 - 12:22 am |

Tin said...

ako naman sanay na sa butaw (patagal) na internet connection, since dial up pa yung ginagamit ko. Hahahaha!

i love your quote. Lagi ko kasing ginagawa ang mag imagine. Nyahahaha!
tin | Homepage | 01.08.07 - 4:54 am |

Mikko said...

Being a broadband-type of internet-user, my net's really not that much affected by the recent shit that happened in Taiwan or wherever...

But hey, hope your net goes faster soon!

By the way, I sort of hate Albert Einstein, being one of the dang people that founded concepts about math. haha. nothing can match my hatred for Math...ΓΌ
Mikko | Homepage | 01.08.07 - 5:11 am |

Unknown said...

Well.. those of you who will run out of patience soon, sundin nyo nlang me... Bayantel gamit ko. sure medyo bumagal after the quake pero satisfied pa rin me. I can load this page in just a matter of seconds using a slow pc (Sempron 1.4 Ghz PC with 256 MB mem and built in video card).

Try nyo lang.
::unknown:: | 01.08.07 - 6:49 am |

NOna said...

Gravatar hi Tin...mizyah gurl! Happy new year sa iyo...!that's right be patient...sana maayos na nga problem ng network. yung sa amin mabagal ang upload but medyo bumabalik na ang sigla hehehe...
nona | Homepage | 01.08.07 - 7:39 am | #

Lalaine said...

wow... tama lang yan.. sabi nga ni kim chui, "patience is a virtue"

may connect naman dba?
lalaine | Homepage | 01.08.07 - 8:12 am |

Bea said...

hello tina,
thanks for stopping by. same here, i've also been reminding myself these past few days to be patient with the snail-paced internet connection.

take care.
happy new year, too.
bea | Homepage | 01.09.07 - 11:17 pm |

Dimaks said...

As once Bruce Lee said: "Don't think, feel.."

Content-rich blog site keep it up!
dimaks | Homepage | 01.11.07 - 11:44 am |