Friday, January 19, 2007

Busy Bee

No updates in a few while. I'm drained. Haha. I don't know what to talk about. I dont want to bore you with my thesis details... and talking about it would not be exactly therapeutical for me. I'm still pondering on how to rig this whole thesis ordeal.

Our school's not giving us enough time to breathe. Every other week we have exams and our Final Defense was moved to Feb. 15, 16, 17, yesterday. Which is sooo shocking!! All eyes BULGED. O_O As in. HUWAAATTT ?

When asked the reason why the freaking defense for our Chapters 1-3 would be early, the admin says it's better not to prolong the agony and it's better that way since we have more time to "lamierda" afterwards. Yeah, right. As if we can. Although yeah we have the time but then we'd better use it wisely and work on our Thesis 2. Don't ask me why it's happening so fast, aside from the reason our admin stated. (Although yeah I do have an inkling why. It should involve $$$. Oops. Did I say that much ? haha)


As to my 2 previous Inspiring posts. Seems like I know a lot about them and yeah I do. I've been reading a lot about happiness, life, spirituality last year..... and I've sorted them out. Tried the secrets to happiness, life, health, wealth. The ones I posted are the ones that worked for me. I've tried and tested them. But if it worked for me.. it doesn't mean it would work for you. We are all different and unique. We have different experiences. I'm sharing to you what I experienced and in the process might give you an idea, open your mind, inspire you.. or help you in any way.

Specially the one about Happiness being a choice. We can always choose to be happy despite the circumstance... but yeah sometimes we can't help but be sad by the events... but that's all part of the process. Just enjoy it! :)

Law of Polarity works in every way. We are living in the world of RELATIVITY. Where everything is related to each other. There'd be no happiness if there's no sadness. How can we appreciate happiness if we never go through sadness? Life. =)

And we all have our own definitions of happiness. Whichever way.. everyone's right. No one's wrong given their own model of the world.

Cheers to Happiness and Love! (Love you all!)


Camille said...

yes, i definitely agree with you. cheers to happiness!
camille | Homepage | 01.18.07 - 10:39 pm |

Random said...

gee.. im busy too.. haha.. school's definitely keepin everybody busy..
katia* | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 1:05 am | #

wow what is your topic i mean on your thesis
ang-ang | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 1:40 am | #

awts. been there too. and ngayon, e2 na naman. anyway, tc po lagi. ty po sa pagdaan sa site ko.
mics | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 2:15 am |

Dimaks said...

hmm prolonging agony yeah, it was a popular term back in my college days. Esp. during the exams, where answers seem elusive.
dimaks | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 2:35 am

Tin said...

Pareho pala tayong drained ngayon sis. I wonder how you could be able to visit us regularly?
tin | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 4:45 am | #

Gravatar Pareho pala tayong drained ngayon sis. I wonder how you could able to visit us regularly?
tin | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 4:49 am | #

Treserbry said...

buti pa kami walang gngwa! hahaha! anyway, mas maganda na ung busy kesa nabubulok sa bahay! :D
tresebry | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 6:59 am |

Random said...

Hehe, don't forget to breathe. =)

Find time to wind down even just for awhile ^_^;;
Seiji | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 7:59 am | #

good luck gurl!

oo nga naman why not prolong the agony at sleepless nights hehe
mousey | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 8:02 am | #

mga teachers at administration talaga....haaay. parang hindi naging estudyante..hehe.

in fairness, mas maayos naman ang sistema sa amin.haha..

goodluck sa can do that!
pam | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 8:17 am | #

waaaaaaaaaaah taeng mag thesis yan ako meron din ginagawa dahil lider ako! xempre ako lng inaasahan nila kainis! hehe
L.A | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 12:47 pm |

Ychel said...

hey yah!!! well, thesis is the hradest part of our college life. but yet challenging and so enjoying. just do ur best and at the end all of it will paid me! sarap nga mgthesis kahit na nakakamatay na habang tumatagal nakikita mo ang pinagpaguran mo. sarap! enjoy and have time to relax. ako wala ng work, gonna tell u about it!take care tina..and goodluck! cheers to happiness! mwah
ychel | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 4:30 pm |

Michelle said...

stay happy tina...
Michelle | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 4:47 pm |

Sasha said...

Alam mo this is sooo true! Na-retain sa akin yung sinabi mong "we can always choose to be happy despite the circumstance"... I've tried this several times. And it truly works! Eversince I read an email about the cause and effect of choosing your reactions to several situations, I was enlightened na talaga.

Dati kasi mabilis uminit ulo ko. But now, I choose not to be affected that much. Aba! 28 na ako. Baka mamaya maaga akong magka-wrinkles di ba?


God bless, Tina! Continue to write inspiring posts... you truly inspire me to dream that I'll get my A this year
sasha | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 10:11 pm |

Random said...


ako, namymrublema sa thesis. kelangan matapos na bukas.. hehe.. that's life! nyahaha!

good luck!
richard | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 11:34 pm | #

Gravatar GoodLuck and GodBless, Tina!
Pot | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 11:36 pm |

honney said...

Stay happy and pretty, Tina. Life is indeed full of surprises!
Honney | Homepage | 01.19.07 - 11:41 pm

Mikko said...

How can we appreciate happiness if we never go through sadness?
Mikko | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 12:13 am | #

Gravatar All the time, we complain about inconveniences and sadness, but when we think about it, there's not much value in happiness without experience of these. :D
Mikko | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 12:15 am

Random said...

you're right... happiness is indeed a choice...
joy | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 1:09 am | #

Gravatar Well, there is nothing wrong with that, isn't it? HAPPINESS ROCKS, definitely.
kenneth | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 1:21 am | #

Gravatar looks like we're both going to be busy bees in the next little while. I wish you good luck on your thesis Tina! I'm sure you'll do just fine. Keep smiling and be happy no matter what
Angelo | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 3:58 am |

Random said...

yay! cheers! ^^
bam | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 5:06 am | #

Gravatar marihan nga yung biglang nagbago ang date, parang mag-iiba bigla ang phasing ng buhay mo

pero isipin mo nalang iigsi ang paghihirap mo. Goodluck and Godbless.
iskoo | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 10:16 am | #

Gravatar uti nga ikaw ngayon lng nwlan ng idea ako kakasimula palang brain drain na! hhe
lalaine | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 10:02 pm |

Mona Lisa said...

waaahh!!! i think i've stated this on one of my a bitchin' busy right now. school sucks. it's not the stress alone that irritates me but also the pressure. err.. time pressure. i always need to catch on the deadline. i don't know what to do first coz there are lots of works needed to be done.
_monalisa | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 11:22 pm | #

Gravatar and with the happiness thing... yeah, whenever i'm sad, i always remember the saying 'happiness is a choice'. i agree that we should look the bright side of things. but for the sake of releasing the the angst and sadness, i tend just to cry for a while and forget all the bad things afterwards.

i dont wanna be consumed by sadness or else im gonna put my whole life into frustrations. i don't wanna miss the moment that i should be enjoying it instead of bragging curses.
_monalisa | Homepage | 01.20.07 - 11:37 pm |

Random said...

ano bang inaaral mo?
chino | Homepage | 01.21.07 - 12:34 am | #

Goodluck to your thesis. Studies muna. Blog can wait.

Happy weekend!
ann | Homepage | 01.21.07 - 2:04 am | #

oh well,minsan lang namna tayong maging student,kaya namnamin mo na ang true feeling pati na ang kalbaryo hanggang sa matapos mo sha,LOL!

you seem like a very matured woman when you impressed!!
ghee | Homepage | 01.21.07 - 2:07 am | #

Been there done that...! Good luck to your thesis and defense Tina.
I remember my thesis in Archi when I was in 5th year college, it was a pain in the neck. Kaya nga yata ako nagkaroon ng insomnia eh...
Take care! :D
nona | Homepage | 01.21.07 - 10:32 am | #

Good luck with your thesis & exams!
Soon it will be all over !
Sidney | Homepage | 01.21.07 - 7:10 pm |