Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's Been Awhile..

I've been so busy, because exams were coming up and i wanted so much to finish some of my projects so i dont have to think about so many projects when the time comes. And now, exams are over i can finally blog! But not totally though.

Ever since last saturday, i soo much wanted to share about what i learned from our family gathering. The fathers were doing all the talking and one of them shared about the difference of Maturity and the opposite, the "immature".

He gave a great provocation to all the family members who can see themselves as the "immature" ones. He said an immature person, obviously is like a kid. When you were younger, you used to prepare yourself and you walk wherever you wished. On the other hand, a mature person just stretches his hands and wait for someone to prepare him/her (and i dont mean it literally, ok? To those who have eyes let them see, and to those who have ears let them hear.In short, READ BETWEEN THE LINES) and let that someone lead you to where you do not want to go. (refer to John Chapter 21 in the Bible.)

The above thought may seem confusing, but it brings light to what we are doing. It means, you have your own free will when you were younger, and is only concerned of yourself (immature), but you cant say that you are "mature" if you havent done any following. (I remember a line in the movie Drumline "You cannot Lead if you do not learn how to follow." Such simple words, but it has wisdom in it.) And usually when you follow "someone" specially a mentor or your father, it is hard, specially if they lead you to a place where you do not want to go. But that place, you dont know is the place where you should be, to find happiness and fulfillment. (Now, if you are consumed by the "earthly" things that surrounds you, you wouldnt understand a thing I'm saying.. so dont bother.) I know to most of you, this doesn't make sense. But to some, this would make sense. :) Just wanted to share this.

Anyhow, last sunday me and my parents watched 24 season 4(Courtesy of dwinny) we finished the series where we left of last last sunday. My Dad and Mom enjoyed the whole thing. And me too. The ending was sad though, and would make you wanna look forward for the next season. *sigh* My favorite part there was when Clowie went on the "field", which is soo un-Clowie-like. Coz she is mostly the techie girl and she is always in the headquarters. Anyhow, since one of the men of Marwan (the terrorist) came to assasinate them, Clowie managed to escape and locked herself and the other girl (the gf of a terrorist member) in a bulletproof car. And the terrorist keep shooting at them. Clowie called CTU, for backup and she was told where to get the extra gun inside the car (they have it, for emergencies). And then, when Clowie got hold of the gun she shot the terrorist (ratatatatatatatatat it was a machine gun i guess.) endlessly. That was my fave part. Hehe *go Clowie!*

I am saddened by Edgar's mom, Edgar tried to save her (from the nuclear meltdown) but her mom was left behind by the evacuees. *sigh* *huhuhuhu*

And i am annoyed by that selfish PRESIDENT of theirs! LOGAN!!! rawrrr! He is sooo pathetic. Really. If his thoughts are not of himself, it's the politics. It is good to think about your friendship with other countries but you have to analyze the sitch. Anyhow... the season was great!

<3 24 haha! :)

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