Sunday, August 20, 2006

Last day of Kadayawan.... ( Hale Fever )

I was gushing over some band a year ago.. when their song "broken sonnet" wasnt known yet.. and i got to hear it because someone told me it was good and all that. IT WAS REALLY GOOD!

And ever since then.. i wanted to see them play. It is my first time to gush like that over some OPM band, usually i like anything foreign. (well i do like rivermaya, eraserheads, bamboo... the origs but not the way i like hale for some reason..)

But their songs are really GOOD. The meanings.. lyrics are all soo unique. And the way they play.. their music. Arrgh.. addictive. That was last year. I even considered having them on my debut, aside from my dream "Jars of Clay".. but JOC is soo far-away & it would be too expensive. Anyway i ruled them out because..

#1 expensive
#2 my debut would be like a concert
#3 it wont be a debut at ALL.

The reason i want to have them there.. was just to see them.. talk to them. Im usually like that when i like some band. Which is so rare. -_-

Anyhow, last year i saw them at SM Entertainment Plaza. Their "heads" that is. There were so many people out there and i was at the back. Since you have to have their cd in order to go inside. And how should i know the protocol was like that?

Anyway they were like 2-3 hours late? yeah something like that. It was soo long and my curfew was running out and i stayed there because even though i cant see them.. at least i could say i heard them "play". Or are they any good in "LIVE" rather than all those recorded songs that you can hear on the radio?

When they arrived and they played the first song.. it was just sooo GOOD. It felt so good hearing them. The way they play the drums.. the voice.. *sigh* makes you swoon. I ddnt get to finish the whole thing because of my curfew. I only stayed for two songs and Im out. (and that was when i considered them having on my debut hihi.)

Wondered why i talked about them?

This is the last day of Kadayawan.. and so i decided to drop my projects (btw, i finished 3 of them out of 8 and im working on the rest now... )So i tagged along with my parents to SM.

They bought some plants, (my mom has a green thumb) and they were checking out some furnitures (we used to have a furniture company... that was named after the street we are living now.(ill post pics)

Well after having lunch at Krua Thai awhile ago.. we went to JB MUSIC at SM located at 2nd floor. (Hey JB MUSIC im plugging you!) We bought paolo a guitar for practice, and my parents bought a treadmill and some abs-builder thingy. And then i saw their banners for HALE and i heared one cashier telling a customer that they can present their purchase and see HALE live in front.

And so.. i went to my mom and asked about it. Mom then asked about it at the cashier. It turned out the girl there was one of the organizers.. and she said. "Sure, I will take the two of them with me at the front".

She took us at a "fire exit" near the cinema.. (we felt like VIP's *me and my bro* back then) and then it was long hallway to the backstage of the entertainment plaza. When we got there, they made us sit at the third row (w.c is not bad at all). The entertainment plaza was still close that time.

10 mins of sitting there, i saw Champ emerge.
Oohh how cute! His dimples.. his skin! Haha (FYI. di ko naman xa crush.. cute lang talaga xa) And he just looks so cool listening to his IPOD. (*me swoons*) Ok enough bout that.

Then, they decided to open the gate and my golly.. there were sooo many people/fans, they were all screaming. It wouldve looked like a stampede. fter 10 mins. of settling down, they started. First there were three songs from some 3 rappers A Locos something.. i forgot. they were locals. And TADA!!!

HALE!!! *GOSH* I have 3 videos.. kinda long and big to post here.. but ill try. And some pictures.. below. And while listening to their music, i was entranced by the thought of having a picture along with Champ or any of the band member, and better yet, all of them! I was really expecting that much. But the "shy-girl-not-so-expressive-when-it-comes-to-those-feelings-attitude" overtook me. I didnt get to have pic with them.. even just one.. but no.. none.. zilt.. nada!

*sigh* We went back at JB MUSIC, after their mini concert because they were supposed to have an autograph signing. And me and my bro wanted them to sign his new "guitar", but.. we ddnt get to go inside.. because there were soo many people outside. We couldnt pass through. We have the "pink stub" for the claim, coz we are customers.. but many people.

It got me in a bad mood for awhile. I was like..I can see myself.. having pictures with them and all that, but then my expectation went tumbling down. And this is the feeling .. i DONT WANT TO HAVE AT ALL.

Thats why i dont EXPECT. I usually dream.. and i know they would be real someday.. but dreaming and expecting is different. I hope.. i dream.. i envision. That's it.

ANyway.. maybe it's not meant to be. Maybe, God just made my dream come true.. like seeing them close up, but not granting having pics with them. But one day.. maybe.. someday, its just not today.

I thank God, for making one of my DREAM a REALITY! -_- It is something that wasnt expected. Everything was like planned (but wasnt).. seeing them, buying at JB MUSIC(the official sponsor), bringing the digicam.

This day was great.. a great way to end the celebration of KADAYAWAN. But still more reason... to GIVE THANKS everyday!

I will just post two. There were a lot of shot, but not that clear. The video was better though.

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pot said...

wah!! DTENg hale fan ako! hehehe.. actually gusto ko ung banda nung HINDI pa sila sikat.. hehehe.. kaya lang nung nag karoon ng HALE CRAZE, parang bgla ako ngswa,.. hehehe.. no ofense.. gnda nmn knta nila eh

tina said...

ahihi.. yeah im a fan before they were even that "sikat". na revive lng kasi.. nakita ko sila hehe -_-

pot said...

wahehhe.. sobra k nmn.. pti bente pesos ala k?? amf. d kpanipni wla.. hihihi..

08.29.06 - 6:18 am