Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coffeee Award

Got this Coffee Award from Avy.

THANK YOU. You know I Love Coffee.

And speaking of "I Love Coffee", which is actually an existing local band here in Davao and I kinda know the vocalist/composer. Not just kinda, but we are in the same business. Hehe.

They have their song out and it's being played in Killerbee 89.1 every Mondays from 9pm - 11pm @ the Indie Top 20 Show hosted by Rod Rodriguez. *tama ba? host rin ba yang sa radio station?*. They play mga unsigned, underground music. It's being required that all radio stations in Davao should also play "Indie Local Bands" and so Killerbee got their own show for that.

The song is "This Time Around" by I Love Coffee and you can watch and listen sa song below, courtesy ng YouTube. *would have to do something about the Video one of these days.. i revise ko pa, pero it will do as of now*

I personally like this song. Really, really. It can be sang by a boy or a girl. Hayyyy. They make good songs you know. So far, they recorded three songs pa lang. But, Kuya Jimuel (the composer/songwriter) got a total of 30 songs or more unrecorded. WOW!

and you can call Killerbee 89.1 to cast your vote here: (082)305-8910


MeL said...

I love coffee, too, pero nowadays binabawasan ko na ang pag-inom nyan. Btw, that was a nice song. :) Pretty interesting to know that there's a show that plays indie songs. Meron ba nun dito sa Mla? Haha. I don't get to listen to the radio that often na kasi.

You're my friend in Multiply na diba? :)

fruityoaty said...

I need at least 3 large cups of coffee each day to function, LOL.

I returned to my blog today, btw. New post. :)

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