Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Search is On

I would like to extend my thanks to all those who contributed relief goods to the evacuees in Pikit, South Cotabato, for responding to our call for kindness to the following:

  • Ms. Jireh PeƱarubia
  • Ms. Daisy Salondaguit
  • Ms. Jelyn Antonio
  • Mr. Art Suelto
  • Mr. Paolo Suelto
  • Ms. Maricel Pepito
  • Ms. Lilibeth Pepito
  • Ms. Mayflor Loremia
  • Ms. Berly
  • Mr. Jimuel Ciudad

and to all those who are in Davao and is interested to do something good… I’m inviting y’all to visit my Ate Ji’s blog.. since she is looking for 25 people who can help out: THE SEARCH IS ON

Been quite busy nowadays... me and my family are cooking up something good, which I will later announce here and to my other blogs as well.

Thank you for continually visiting my blog despite the lack of updates, will get back at you all. *HUGS*

May you all have a great day ahead.

Life is good! =)


Anonymous said...

And thank you too for dropping me a line and checking on me during my absence.

Good luck in all your endeavors. :)

Aux Zero said...

hmm. lemme check out those links. heehe