Friday, September 26, 2008

Selling Back Your Books

Itching to get those old books out of your house ? I have a couple of books that I would like to dispose of as well. Why not earn money from them? There's a website I found who buys used / old books from readers. Yay.

Sell Back Your Book is an online book shop where you get to sell and buy old / used books. They buy all kinds of new and used books. The process for selling your books to them is as easy as one, two, three.

What you need to do is, simply, enter the ISBN numbers for each book that you want to sell them in the box that is provided in their front page and then press the 'Price Books' button. They would display the price they are willing to pay. If you are OK with the price simply press the 'Add to My Cart' button and you're ready to check out - or even enter more books you want to sell.

You can even Sell TextBooks to them. Textbooks usually loose their value quickly, so you better act now and sell them today. Sell Textbooks and get paid! Just that simple!

and here's more: You can use their FREE prepaid shipping label and they will prepay the shipping! No out-of-pocket cash required to ship them your textbooks or old books!

This is one good service for people who owns a lot of books that they want to dispose of. :)


Sexy Mom said...

wow! this is cool. thanks. hope they have something like swapping of books

Brandon Checketts said...

You could also use to compare prices from as well as a lot of other sites. It always pays to shop around, and you'll probably find sites offering more money, depending on the book.