Monday, October 06, 2008

Golden Age of Multimedia

I have always wanted to learn more about video production. And, I did venture to that once or twice in our Multimedia Class and another one when a friend of mine asked for help. But, I stopped since I need to focus on what I have at hand. But, one day.. I will go back.

Talking about multimedia and video production.....

I know of this group of people ( Chicago Video Production ) who can produce videos for you. Be it for corporate, training, trade show, recruitment, marketing, sales, tv or promotional video. They can even hire the actors for you!

Richter Studios can shoot the scene in any format from any location. Or, if you already have the footage, but need that special post-production touch to bring out the magic - they can do that as well. They have world class editors and animators who can help you with that. They have an award winning team that can make your video production an attention-grabbing masterpiece!

They don't just deal with videos! Other services they offer are Web and Interactive Production Services.

A lot of their clients usually requests for web version of videos, and so to cater their client's need and the constant demand of those web version of videos, they have extended their services to the World Wide Web. And to make sure that you are really dealing with PROFESSIONALS, here is the proof:

"Richter Studios created the award-winning Pinehurst Virtual Tour, which features over 70 videos, dozens of animations, PDF’s and interactive slide shows - all created in-house by the Richter Studios team."

An All Digital Workflow + World Class Talent = Richter Studios

Go check their website now and look around specially at the portfolios part. :)

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fruityoaty said...

A couple of years ago, I worked for a multimedia software company. I led their quality assurance / software testing dept. Because the company was so small, a part of my job was editing, rendering and watching videos (i.e. Flash / QuickTime, etc.) It was rather fun.