Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas!! (I know it's kinda late. And saying Happy New Year would be a bit too early). So... Happy Holidays na lang!!

WARNING: This might be a long post to make up for the weeks I haven't posted.

I know everyone is super busy with all the parties and get-together's, reunions.... because I sure was! But, I can't talk about how swamped my schedule was because that would be sooo boring. Instead let me bask about those sweet precious moments with people that matter......

It started at Cebu (Plantation Bay/Shangri-La)-Bohol with our DXN Family, the first week of December. Although I had to encounter the "Joker's of our life". I know Batman has only one Joker... and a Deck of cards only has 2. But, our family's got 4 Joker's in our life left. But the Joker's are on a different story. I had fun communing with the DXN Family at the trip. Reconnected with friends from around Pinas. Those travel seminar incentives we have are like some sort of leader's gathering/reunion. Huge. with 325 participants and was even recognized by the Mayor (government) of Cebu. :)

Then there's the get together of my HS Buds Matet and Mona. Matet is a Medical Student and they designed this "Adopt A Child For Christmas" Party.. and so we joined in on the fun. And went to the pool afterwards.

Then another dose of DXN Davao Family Pool Party on the 18th. Super Super Fun!

And then on the 21st... the bonding with the Firstborns. Which was an overnight affair. We spent most of our time on Cris's car. Talking... while the rest of the guys did their thing. Hehe. It was fun.. oooh and what a lovely moon it was!

23rd.... wedding bells were ringing. As one of the "Firstborns" got married. Awwwww. Who is next??? :)

Of course on the 24th-25th... was our the time for the biological family. They visited our home on the 24th and there were constant friends who made their annual visit. And our traditional "exchange gift". Yayyyy! Oohh the faces of the kids with their gifts was priceless.

And yesterday(26th)... we went out-of-town to visit my mom's Aunt who was the one who assisted my mom in finishing her studies when our grand parent's separated.

So... yeah... I saw most of my friends this December except my College Buds. :( But, I'm sure one of these days we will all catch up! :)

By the way.. I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude to Ms. N. for the package she sent me! Yes, she sent one of my wishlist for PM's "All I want for Christmas". :)

It's the 2011 Power Planner (Belle De Jour) over there. *points points*

And yes... it was a fun Christmas... since I finally got the set of Harry Potter series that was my High School fancy!! Grabe. Talk about delayed gratification. And mom put me to sooo much drama that time just to surprise me, I cried because I almost thought I'm not having it this year...

See ? You always get what you want... sometimes it is just not NOW. :P


Raft3r said...

super busy tayo, ah
hinay-hinay lang

Angelo said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Tina! Looks like a busy but fun holiday. Those were a lot of presents under your tree! I wish you all the best in 2011. Take care and blog often!

fruityoaty said...

Happy Holidays! Looks like you're having a good one! Fun times with family during this season is all that counts for a good Christmas.

Oooh, the Harry Potter set is sweet. Nice!

As for me, I'm finally blogging a bit more regularly (sort of) and I'm also having a Happy Holiday. :)

Massa P

Anonymous said...

Hi dear! Just dropping by to greet you a happy new year! I hope the new year will bring you more blessings and good health!

Raft3r said...

happy 2011, tina!!!