Sunday, October 24, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

I just got around to browsing PM's post which she messaged me about since I haven't been online the past few days. Anyhooo.... when I got to read PM's post about "Gift Swapping" with blogger friends I got excited and of course would love to join in on the fun!

And if you want to join the activity spearheaded by PM, you can check out her post here: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS. Like she said, the more, the merrier!! :)

Something small: Vintage Pendant or Locket. =)

Something big: Large Stuffed Teddy BEARRR!! or a Panda will do. *giggles*

Something cute: anything "angel" inspired is cute for me. :)

Something soft: a pink/purple pillow!!! (small or big is okay.)

Something techie: a Samsung Galaxy ? haha. thats too much. Just Kidding. a pink headphone will do... or a pink wireless mouse. or a pink mousepad. oh di ba? basta pink. okay na ako. or purple or emerald or turquoise.

Something fancy: a wand from the Whimsic Alley, preferably this. =)

Something (insert your favorite color): pink pendulum! =)

Something wearable: a girly shawl or scarf. :)

Something you need: a book about angels, love, fairies or anything mystical or any book from Robert Ludlum, Marianne Williamson, Marc Gafni, Doreen Virtue, Paolo Coelho. I don't mind if it's second hand. :)

Something you can use for work: a 2011 Belle De Jour Power Planner :P

Something sweet: cheesecake!!! or a Swiss chocolate will do (any brand).

All I Want For Christmas: round trip ticket to Palawan :P

so there you go... i hope it won't be too hard for you. anything angel inspired, or anything pink/purple/emerald/turquoise will do naman for me eh. :)


Angelo said...

whoo-hoo! I want that round trip ticket to palawan too :)

Anonymous said...

tina kindly send me your mailing details please! and i will give you a partner.

Nortehanon said...

Wow, kasali ka rin pala, my dear Little Sis!

Paano pag round trip to Palawan? Mag-isa ka lang pupunta? Dapat ticket for two ang request mo hehehe

Raft3r said...

kasali ka din
sana may free trip to davao

happy halloween
"dalawin" mo naman ako

kg said...

yay! kasali ka din! exciting!