Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stop and Surrender

Now, I stopped trying to control events, and just trust and have faith that everything will fall into a natural order, one that works.

you know the popular saying:

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so... yeah. and that the good thing about things falling apart, is that you can choose to pick up which pieces you want to have in your life.

I'm just resting while a power much greater than me takes over. :) (thinking about rest, makes me want to go have a massage!!!! i BADLY NEED ONE! maybe mamaya before i go to sleep.)

but, but, i have to get back on track. I have a "challenge", I'm working out on..... some goal.. which I will reveal as soon as I ACHIEVE it. it's in my PRIORITY FOLDER.

The recent uhmmm experience I had, I mentioned was terrible, right? It almost shattered a belief, that I keep holding on to... but, then... my angels are always around to keep me back on track. I have always believed that you need not a lot of pain and suffering to grow. Because, Jesus said: "It is finished". But, of course... you have a choice to go through all that. And like many gurus would say: "There are many paths to the mountain top."

I've always believed that Love operates on a win-mode. Being successful in life need not have a lot of negative tension involved, and that we don't really have to struggle all the time.

So... I surrender and just love. :) It's like I'm melting into another world. Some may call it a fantasy, but sometimes the truth can seem like a fantasy. Of course, I still have a feet on both worlds. And someone taught me how to take the rose-colored glasses off, if necessary. And, I did.

They say the world changes, when we change. It reflects back to us what we have been giving all along. It softens when we soften. It opens when we open our hearts.

It's this moment when LOVE matters more than anything. Not psychology, not neurosis. Just Love. That warm feeling, that despite all those broken promises, shattered dreams, half truths, hostility, you found a way to stop fighting the world... and let things be.

There'd be moments I may forget, but that's part of our journey....

*spreads the love to y`all*

peace IN! (haha. trying to be cool, eh?)


Anonymous said...

this is a big twist from the last post.

love is magical.let yourself fell under its spell and magical things reality,magic is another thing.but its love that holds both the magic and reality true.

just keep the balance and never stop believing!

Jakey Junkie The Bunny said...

Hmm, I'm not really sure how to ask this, but is this something about a heartbreak or a breakup? Just, wondering. I'm curious, actually.

Off-topic: Nagtatanung-tanong kasi ako. Kung meron kang time, pwedeng sumagot. Hindi rin naman ito compulsary so pwede ring hindi. Pero if ever, just send your answer to my email, jakeyjunkie[at]gmail[dot].com. The question is:

"Ano'ng madalas mong sinusulat sa Motto ng slambook nu'ng Elementary o High School?"

Raft3r said...

love, like life, is so complicated