Wednesday, September 08, 2010

For LDR's that went down the drain

I found the following article over at Tumblr.... and I know more and more people are having LDR's. I find that it does make sense. :P

and No.. this is not what I am currently feeling now. =) in fact... i'm happy... and chirpy and looking forward to the future... and yeah... learning the craft in the business that I am in. Ahhhh.. I need more like minded individuals. Ooohh... I know I'd meet them along the way. :)

anyhow... just wanted to share the article over here. ;) see ya around guys!

for the original post: DayDream

Don’t ever use distance as an excuse to break up or separate. If anything, it’s that one of you don’t feel the same about the other anymore. If you were together in the first place, it must mean that you were both committed to make it work. But later on down the road, if you say you’re separating because of distance, then I would have to disagree. Unless you’re one of those people who were in the relationship just for physical needs.

It’s not distance that makes you want to separate, it’s the level of commitment that you’re willing to give into the relationship. Because distance only makes the heart grow fonder. If you really did like the person, you’d be more committed. You’d want to talk to that person almost all the time. You’d text or call. Go out of your way just to say “Hi” or “I miss you”. It doesn’t even take a minute to send a text or just call to say hi.

Everyone needs assurance. Without it, we’re lost. It takes two to tangle, and it takes two to cuddle. If one person has no idea what the other person is thinking, how are we suppose to deal/react to the situation? It’s like being left in the pitch black darkness. Assurance is the light that keeps us going. If you’re not committed, then say so. Reassure the person that you don’t feel the same. Don’t ever keep someone waiting just because you know they will. Hearts are the last thing you should be playing with.

If you’re ever gonna end a relationship, don’t ever say it’s because of distance. That’s lame. If anything, it’s you and the decrease of commitment you want to give into the relationship. If only one person is committed, it might as well turn into unrequited love.


Anonymous said...

sa panahon ng mabibilis na kompyuter,nag gagandahang cellphone at kabikabilang libangan,saka lalong naging mahirap ang LDR.

at minsan pa,kahit ang mga pangarap,nag dadagdag ng laging naiiwan ang pusong nangungulila.:(

Raft3r said...

more like minded individuals...
phrase din ni wifey yan

btw, may online contest ako
baka gusto mo sumali

tin-tin said...

i still believe that long-distance relationship can work. i know some people who are now married but had ldr before.
have you seen going the distance?

Anonymous said...

Well, Odd and I had a share of LDR pie, when I was away from him for a year and half. It actually strengthened our relationship.

kg said...

wow! ang lalim...mukhang maraming tatamaan dito! he he!