Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Congratulations Venus!

Even if she didn't win the crown......

Getting into the Top 5 is already something!

So cheers to Venus Raj! We appreciate you!

for a clearer picture of the screen capture: Venus Raj

Screen Cap from palabas.

makes you forget the bad thing yesterday, eh? -_-



Raft3r said...

Good for her

Btw, up na yun female version ng blog post ko where you commented

Jakey Junkie The Bunny said...

Our ladies really haven't gotten so far in international pageants recently. Congratulations to her.

And, we have the same blog template. :D

Raft3r said...

ngayon ko lang na-realize na sobrang big deal pala ang pagkapanalo nya
sa internet puro sya lang ang laman

pam said...

super major major achievement. :) hahahaha. :) nakakaproud kasi after what happened with the hostage taking, eto naman siya,bringing honor na to the phils =)

Anonymous said...

late na ko.hehehe!

mas tatatak si venus raj kaysa sa hostage crisis.

mas intresado kasi ang filipino sa entertainment at tagumpay kesa sa pag ako ng mga pagkukulang.

hurray to venus!

dimaks said...

gratz to her and the Philippines for landing the 5th place. I watched the coronation live online and I saw the whole story of "major major".

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Venus! She's really pretty if I may add!

Anonymous said...

i think okay din na top 5, pero sayang din, siya na dapat eh, liban sa major-major answer niya, tsk!

kg said...

tama yan, we should be proud of her! instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the achievement. :)

Phoebe R said...

Even though I was kinda disappointed sa answer nya, you are right, getting on the top 5 is indeed a good thing! kudos to her! she deserves that.