Saturday, August 07, 2010

Tumblr Fever

i think i'm addicted to "tumblr" already. currently fixated with all the photos and quotes im seeing over there.


I'm seeing my dreams fly by over there.

Photos. Photos of bedrooms I fancy. Photos of jewelries i must have one day. Photos of places to visit. Photos of lovely moments. Photos of cute animals. Photos of my favorite disney princess. Photos of drinks. Photos of chocolates and candies. Photos of cakes and sweets. and moreeee.

Lovely words and phrases of my favorite authors. favorite icons. of wonderful people.

But, of course.... if you want the story behind every photo... nothing beats the old school blogging. :)

So yeah, it's taking up my time. and i'm enjoying my moment.

If you have your own tumblr do tell me.. so I can follow it. :)

My TUMBLR ---> Angelblush


Raft3r said...

bago sa pandinig ko ito, ah
pero naman
ako pa
sobrang di ako sunod sa uso pagdating sa cyberspace

Cedric said...

Haven't tried tumblr yet. Maybe I don't really need to set up a new account anywhere. :) Although I've seen really nice posts there.

tina said...

raft3r: hehe. headache sa simula ang tumblr. pero nawili na rin ako. :)

cedric: haha. yeah. maganda ung mga pictures eh. :) hayyyy

Judayski said...

hi, tina! tama ka, tumblr is interesting, walang gaanong effort to come up with your own, just re-blog, reblog reblog :)

my tumblr handle is juditigger. will follow you!

(Raft3r: bongga ang tumblr, gora na.)

Raft3r said...

bakit nandito yan si judayski?

richard said...

Hi Tina. Nice to meet you (finally) at the Marco yesterday. It was fun, ayt? :)

Btw, I don't have a tumblr account. But I guess, I have to create a new one now. Hehe..

Till next time of meet ups...


Anonymous said...


tina said...

judayski: it was you on my ask page! yehey. at least nagkalaman ask page ko. hahaha. thankies.followed you back na. :)

raft3r: haha. :) its a small blog world.

richard: it was you! glad to meet you there. pag may tumblr ka na.. i will "follow" you. hehe.

Anonymous said...


ang ganda ng tumblr mo!

Jakey Junkie said...

Though I must admit that at times, Tumblr'ing robs the time off from quality blogging. :D

Toshii the Entrepreneur-To-Be said...

Tama! Maganda nga talaga yung Tumblr! :)