Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tang Jumpstarts a Refreshing Ramadan

Yesterday, was the start of a month-long period of fasting for the Islamic community - the Ramadan. And it was quite fitting that Kraft Foods Philippines (KFP), the second largest food and beverage company in the world, held a press conference yesterday(August 11, 2010) at Davao City(Mindanao), offering a gift to our Muslim brothers and sisters for having "Tang" certified by the Philippine IDCP (Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines) Halal. Tang is already certified in the region by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand back in 2006.

"Making today delicious for everyone is a global mandate for Kraft Foods and we intend to enliven this through this initiative. It's part of our commitment to engage our brothers and sisters in Mindanao, particularly those who will be observing Ramadan, by being supportive of cultural practices and beliefs," says Cynthia D. Icasas, Category Manager for Kraft Foods Philippines. It wasn't their first to support the community here in Mindanao, but they already had 2 previous community outreach programs that they spearheaded.

Tang is currently the leading powdered beverage in the world and available in more than 30 countries. "It has always been Tang's proposition to get kids to drink more water, by making water more exciting for everyone in the country," says Doroty Arroyo, Senior Brand Manager for Tang. "So we really pushed and worked towards getting Tang, Philippine Halal-certified as a way of showing our commitment, anchored on fulfilling Kraft's promise of making every day delicious for everyone."

Cheers to Kraft Foods Philippines, making every day delicious!

*is drinking a glass of Tang Orange Juice.*

*Attended the press conference of Kraft Foods / Tang with the bloggers from Davao. (: With us was Doroty Arroyo (Senior Brand Manager for Tang), Cynthia D. Icasas (Category Manager for Kraft Foods Philippines) and Atty. Abdul Rahman Linzag (President/CEO of Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines).


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hindi ka ba sa kraft nagwo work?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hi tina. hope you had fun in this prescon. i can't imagine how well i will do in ramadan if i was muslim. oh well.

pam said...

lol. ;) tang lang naman. hehe. a little of that is not sinful naman ayt? hehe. :)

just like the comment above, ewan ko rin kung ano mangyayari sa akin if i was muslim. hehe

tina said...

duking: nope. i don't work for Tang. a few bloggers and i were just invited to attend the press con. :) it was my first press con.

PM: surprisingly, i did. i hesitated to join nga eh when i learned about it. the "mahiyain" in me kicked in. but i guess the pinoy's "bahala na" attitude worked for me this time.

pam: hehe. i dont really know how it works.. but i think my "oras" sila sa pagkain while ramadan is going. :)

Angelo said...

Ramadan mubarak Tina!