Friday, March 14, 2008

The Game of Interdependence - Station 2

Welcome to Station 2.

Sack Race *with a twist*: Strike The Balance

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Sidney said...

Sounds like fun to me!

ychel said...

cute naman nung game! =)

how u doin tina? sori if i dont drop by so often. im kindah busy eh. im goin back home sa april. =) i miss u na.mwahugs. take care always.

Mari said...

That's a good way of re-inventing the sack race. So, who won the race?

dimaks said...

mukhang super multi-tasking :)

tina said...

Sidney: Yes.. it was tons of fun!

Ychel: hehe. oo nga eh.. im soo glad you are coming back and happy! miss you too sis!!

Ate Mari: Yeah.. unique noh? :P it was the blue team who won the over-all race...

Dimaks: Haha. sinabi mo pa!

angelo said...

Wow Tina, what a interesting twist to the sack race, sounds like fun!

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