Saturday, March 08, 2008

Diamond Ocean

My mom is into jewelries, specially diamond ones. I found another website that I'm sure mom would really love to browse. When you buy from them they have a different price from it's usual standard market retail price.

They have various Designer Earrings with Diamonds that would bring out the best in your appearance. They have different styles, shapes and weight that would suit you and that would depend on the diamond, gemstone and pearls that is studded in the earring. I checked out one Diamond studded earring that I kinda like it has a 14Kt White Gold, Clarity - I2 and it's Color - H. That's the main specification, but if you want it customized they have a drop down menu that would suit you. Very innovative - huh?

They also have rings for anniversaries, engagement rings, bridal sets, promise rings, wedding bands, eternity rings and eternity bands, gemstone rings, men's ring or bands, fashion rings, right hand rings, journey rings and trilogy rings. I really like this one promise ring, if one buys it in retail it's $1880 but they offer it at a special price for only $441, saving 75%.

They also offer pendants in different categories from cross pendants, alphabet or numeric pendant, heart pendant, solitaire stud pendant, fashion pendant, trilogy pendant, journey pendant, gemstone pendant and men's pendant. This time I browsed their gemstone pendants and I was delighted by the colors that I saw. I like the Pearl and Tourmaline in White Gold Pendant and also the Amethyst and Diamond Pendant.

Of course they have bracelets and bangles for all of you who loves jewelries on wrist. They have tennis bracelets, fashion bracelets, men's bracelets and bangles. I browsed their sizzling collection of fashion bracelets and bangles. I fancied the Gold Fashion bracelet with Hawaiian slippers and the White gold Diamond Fashion Bangle.

They also have different loose diamonds from round, princess, baguettes, tapers, radiant, cushions, marquise, pearl, heart, triangle, lily to oval.

They also have watches, cufflinks and tie pins.

All their products are customizable. *That's cool!* So, you can choose to have on one product having a different metal such as Gold, Silver, Platinum or a diamond specification like it's color and clarity to change and have it customized and one that would suit your budget.

Check the Diamond Ocean Site Now and choose your faves! :)

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