Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pink Lady

Well, I found a casino site or an online casino that screams "lady in pink".

Pink Lady is a Top Casino . It's one of the online industry's safest bet. The best online casino, for that matter. Their games are true and fair. The pink lady's casino software is developed and maintained by a leading online gaming software company.

What makes it different?

From the name itself, "pink lady", this casino's objective or purpose is to help appeal to a female casino player. All you ladies out there who is in to online casino gambling. It's designed for a woman who play casino games.

What's good about them?

Added features on their site are the different languages available: from English to Deutsch, French to Spanish, Italian, and even Netherlands and Chinese. So, whether you speak English or someone who loves to have it on Spanish you'd love the different language choices that is available for you to use.

Also, they have added one innovative feature for all you ladies out there playing casino games online, and that's the addition of a flash casino game. Those who want to practice on their new instant play page - and here's the best offer - it goes for FREE. Their new 3D game are cutting-edge in the online gaming industry.

They also have promotions and rewards for you to be enthused by playing with them.

They also give out loyalty rewards and the elite rewards for making pink lady casino as their home and this is to recognize their support. They give out cash prizes, vacations packages, cruises and gifts to the CGTV Elite Club.

In their company, they have over 80 people that works for them to improve and release new games every month for their clients. Just a note and I think you should know: they don't accept Canadian or US players because of a recent regulation but their target is basically Europe and the rest of the whole wide world.

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Anonymous said...

Female only online casino! how feminist! Only joking, I suppose there are loads of other things that are for women only so why not.