Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Padyak?

Where did it all begin?

"The summer of 2012 was when an explanation, about why we are known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient Seas’, was heard by a group of new found friends in M.I.S.S.I.O.N[Movement of Imaginals towards Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing, and Networking]. It was said that there was a string of lighthouses all over the Philippine Islands that was like a string of glowing pearls for the mariners of more ancient days. It was also during that summer where, when a group of new found
friends talking about an upcoming festival of light, the first seed of meaning for a bike pilgrimage stringing beads of light all over our beloved country was first brought forth. Activating the entire Philippines with light and meaning indeed is a deeply meaningful thing to do. To also do it to support a festival that highlights the seven dimensions of sustainability that you are working hard to bring about it in the world is a very, very nice bonus." - by  Nicolas Amando Solana III

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