Friday, February 08, 2013

Liwanag is Here.

It has been days since Liwanag World Festival ended... but we all know, it is the beginning of something bigger as we have tapped into a larger field. We have garnered enough media attention, to keep the ball rolling.
I'm getting feedback that the whole event was "too much" for the common mind to understand. It seems like people are so used to being in one box that people would try to label and box the event as "environmental", but, no wait... we have politics too... so we are also in that box. And we have the artists which showcased the whole Filipino culture... and there were business people too, the visual artists were there, techie people were behind the whole event as well. So, what is Liwanag? it seems like a ball of many things.... that in order for you to really understand it... you have to experience it. Not just by being in the event... but by getting to know the organizers, the supporters, the people behind the whole thing.
people can't seem to fathom the idea that... in order for us to create SUSTAINABLE CITIES or SOCIETIES we have to gather all the dimensions that would make it so. In our case.. we have identified 7 areas. [ human development, spiritual, ecological, economical, political, societal, cultural ] 
We have showcased all 7 in one event... and that confuses people... because when you make events.. you have to create a certain niche. Yes, i know. But, the event was meant to thread everything together. :) 
But to those who took the risk.. albeit the confusion, the curious, the believers, the visionaries and the revolutionaries.... they would all shook their heads if you missed the event.... many partnerships were being discussed, and future projects are being made.... 
there's more work to be done... but the message during the event was really this: "inner change" comes first..... everyone understood that.

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