Friday, November 27, 2009

Lighting Sale

Got a new home? Want to redecorate your current place? Are you looking for lamps, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, chandeliers, fans, mirrors & decor, bulbs & supplies?

I found a great site where you can find almost everything that I mentioned at reasonable prices. It is at Lighting Sale.Com. :)

Why shop at Lighting Sale.Com? It is family owned for 60 years, it has six (6) retail locations, it has in house lighting designers, it has over 300 different manufacturers, over half a million lighting products, and the lowest prices online guaranteed. It has 110 % Price guarantee, no sales tax, free shipping, and safe and secure shopping.

Lighting Sale was founded in 2002, is a division of Butler Lighting As a family-run business; they are also operating six other lighting showrooms throughout the Carolinas. is headquartered in High Point, North Carolina where our ten thousand square foot lighting showroom is frequented by homeowners, interior designers and builders. Their business philosophy grew from the warm and welcoming sense of southern hospitality that the South has become known for. Their goal at is to bring that same philosophy to the Internet. When you shop with you know that your order is backed by the Butler family name.

I personally enjoyed the Chandeliers page and enjoyed browsing their huge collection. I particularly liked the Capital Lighting Bronze Traditional Classing 3 Light Chandelier. I also like the Uttermost Charms/ Traditional Classic Mirror.


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