Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Tips to Avoid Colon Cancer

1. Keep a balanced diet & healthy lifestyle.

2. Manage stress.

3. Learn to let go of stress, tension, anger and resentment.

4. Move your bowels at least once a day. If constipated, I suggest you eat more fiber enriched foods or do colonics to jump start healthy living.

5. If you smoke.. stop it. since it increases your chances of getting colon cancer.

6. Have your daily dose of Probiotics(good bacteria) everyday.

7. Drink more water. Hydrate your colon.

8. Eat superfoods... such as Spirulina.

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fruityoaty said...

Good tips.

I don't smoke, I only drink alcohol occasionally (not much), I try to exercise at the gym regularly 3 times per week... but my weakness is eating sweets. LOL. I've been trying to eat more healthy stuff lately. I don't want to turn into a diabetic, like my Mom.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi tina,

thanks for sharing this post...


dimaks said...

hi Tina! how are you.. its good that your blog is still active. i just got back to mine and there is a lot of things to catch up. i think you are kinda busy sa work.. dropping by! have a nice day!

Shadows of Me said...

wow. thanks for the tips..

by the way, can we exchange links?

pls let me know po if its ok with u. thanks again.

personal care products said...

Very nice tips!Thanks for sharing these tips with us.Really very informative.Thanks a lot.Keep blogging.

Nury said...

We all know that antibiotics can kill numerous pathogens that cause disease. But do you have to go this far in order to keep yourself healthy? Science says “no.”

Probiotics could be quite beneficial when it comes to killing some of the bad bacteria that end up in the good. They’re also great for controlling other disease-causing agents like yeast

Russell Burdet said...

It is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep to keep up with your health.