Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diet Blog

The Diet Industry or the Weight Loss Industry is one business that is booming. But, sometimes not everything about this industry would give you the best results.

As a customer you would want to know whether the stuffs they say on TV, magazines or advertisements are really true. Want to know which diet pill, weight loss program, book or device would work for you and helped a lot of people or which ones are popular? Well, I found a website called A site which is pretty much dedicated to anyone who consumes any type of diet pill, weight loss program, book or device. They have diet reviews.

They have an open forum for those new consumers to see what those existing clients/customers got to say with different products and services available in the industry. Don't just rely on what the company selling it got to say.... better get their customers to tell you what their product or service has to offer.

Like you - those existing customers wants their "satisfaction" guaranteed and here you would get to find out which diet pill works best or weight loss program achieves the best result.

How does the website work?
They created a system where each consumer posts a comment and classify their posting as Positive, Negative, or Undecided. Since some of the most popular products or programs have hundreds of postings, they have tallied their classifications so that you can see what the general consensus or ‘popular vote’ is. Additionally,'s editors have provided a brief and unbiased summary of each product for your convenience.

Also you are free to add your comments, feedbacks or questions. They don't require you to provide an e-mail address to submit a posting. All postings are reviewed before going live on the site to block any vulgar comments, spam or unnecessary/irrelevant comments.

You can view a list of the top weight loss products or weight loss programs, or diet book or services with a ‘Positive’ customer classification of 75% or higher below.

Have a fun time using!


Anonymous said...

Most of my friends are really trying to trim out their weight.

While me, I just eat, and eat, and eat, and always wish for myself to get fat.

Gusto ko nga minsan makipagpalit sa kanila. I want to experience having a "better built" than this frail thin body of mine. Kaso kahit ano'ng kain ko, wala e. :D

[ArisMape] said...

what about for those who wana add weight? hehehe.